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    Honestly, I'm no good at making one of those believable, myself. It's something I'll ponder for the future.

    In the meantime, I did the update, which has an example Cult of a Thing That Should Not Be, a new merit (Sapiokinesis), some additional advice and sidebar options, and a nice editing pass of sorts to tighten and fix some of it. Can find it here, if you don't already have it!
    Or in the Mortal Magic bundle (which is all the Vault supplements I've done that provide options for mortals):

    Storytellers' Vault supplements (WoD, CoD)
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      Originally posted by KieranMullen View Post

      I'm not familiar with the original, but what I would love in all of the CoD works is turn-by-turn examples of combat or other interactions (searches, evasions, etc.) especially how different systems interact. And I don't mean simply an example of how one spell works, but how an extended interaction of several characters actually works.

      It took several iterations and lots of help from others for me to write up a simple one angel/one demon combat sequence. I'd love to see examples of other systems carefully explained.
      This would be great!

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