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Chronicles of Darkness Character Creator in Twine

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  • Chronicles of Darkness Character Creator in Twine

    Hey! So it was my hope to create a way to write short chronicles in Twine 1 using the Chronicles of Darkness ruleset, but I only got so far as creating the very basic Character Creator before deciding what I wanted was a little too big for Twine.

    Nevertheless, I made a perfectly functional character creator for anyone to use. It's very bare bones in the sense that all the interesting details of your character's backstory still needs to be fleshed out with your Storyteller, but it calculates point distribution and advantages automatically. Sadly, it won't generate a character sheet or anything.

    Anyway, hope someone gets some use out of it. Lemme know if it needs any improvements... it was based off the first nWoD book as I don't yet have a copy of CoD.