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Marten Luther King Day observance.

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  • Marten Luther King Day observance.

    Have any of you read or heard a story about Yakub, the mad scientist that created white people according to Nation of Islam? I had a co-worker who was convinced that the South Park guys made an episode in which the people of South Park celebrate Yakub's creation of white people on Martin Luther King Day, but I think he was misremembering the Scientology episode. Does anyone have any religious or pop cultural tie ins to Martin Luther King Day? I could see the Yakub story tying in to the tower of Babel or Frankenstein's monster.

    In the Chronicles of Darkness I can see the Yakub story tying in to both Genius the Transgression and Promethean, and mad science could also mean crossing paths with the Chiron group from Hunter the Vigil.

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    Wrath James White has written more than a little about Yakub, but being a Baptist with strong Christian beliefs Martin Luther King probably didn't have much to do with the Nation of Islam's genesis tales. I believe your friend may have been mixing up the Scientology episode of South Park, as well, or perhaps the Mormons one.


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      I forgot about the Mormon episode; it's been a few years since I last watched the show. I also forgot about Dr. King's work with labor groups. When I finally recalled Reverend King's work with labor groups I was reminded of a story from "Myths from Mesopotamia" in which the gods create man to be a beast of burden. They do so by killing one of the gods and mixing his flesh and blood with clay. From that Ancient Aliens TV show and "The Earth Chronicles" by Zecharia Sitchin we know that the gods are aliens. From Jacques Vallee we know that the extraterrestrial stuff is a modern gloss over the old fairy tales. So the "Earth Chronicles" and the Myths of the gods are describing the political struggles among the True Fae.

      So in the Chronicles of Darkness Martin Luther King day would be a time when the True Fae exert their right as the creators of mankind to use us as soldiers in their power struggles with each other. Perhaps using flying boats; UFO's, as a means to recruit en masse.