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Anyone who has lived on Bali, Bogota, Brussels or Singapore?

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  • Anyone who has lived on Bali, Bogota, Brussels or Singapore?


    I am soon to begin as a Storyteller in a Mage-centric (while open to other splats) game, but I would like some help in organizing the fluff of the city, I want to keep it as true as possible to the spirits of the Orders, Covenants, Tribes, etc as possible, while being recognisable for those who have lived there. I am currently considering the following candidates and themes:
    • Singapore (My way is the right way)
      The Ladder is on top with a strong Guardians influence, Free Council is accepted but has insignificant numbers. Few other supernaturals, who all walk on a tight leash, well armed Arrows are encouraged to get rid of nuisances. The Invictus has a small but powerful presence.

      Here the problems are focused on tight control and constancy, the city has it good and people know it. They are not ready for what is on the way: fanatical Fire-Touched coming from Malaysia and Indonesia, economic war from the Invictus, and massive God-Machine intervention. How do mages face those menaces without losing their preeminent position in the city?

      The Ladder sees this city as trial run for Hieraconis, Guardians are pleased with the security, the Arrow has very little to do except train, and Mystagogues can focus on their studies as long as they share results, the Free Council would love to fight this complacency but simply does not have a voice to remind the Diamond that this city was not build because of mages, but despite them.

      Can the mages fight something outside their area of expertise? How long? And will the city become a beacon to the world, or just an exotic reference?
    • Bogota (Money talks but wealth whispers)
      Invictus city with subtle Seer (Hegemony, Mammon, Paternoster, Praetorians) backing. Carthians, Iron Masters, Free Council, Lancea et Sanctum and Silver Ladder compete for influence, Beasts thrive.

      Colombia has peace after 60 years, but is one the most unequal places in South America, institutional corruption abounds, local poverty is still high and thousands of Venezuelans are arriving daily to the country escaping from their plight. People fear losing jobs to the cheap immigrant labour, being mugged in the streets, women fear their husbands leaving them for prettier younger poorer Venezuelans. The Invictus knows how to keep itself on top during crises but little they know that they are just a patsy for the Seers who see this as a chance to encourage xenophobia, violence and oppression; all this fear is such a buffet for the Begotten that the strongest individual supernatural in the city by far is an Inguma Collector called El Viejo.

      Théarchs and Libertines have different visions for the city (and the country, this is the capital after all) and can not see beyond their petty squabbles. The other orders have little to none presence in the city so this is a view point battle, but whoever wins this battle might just lose the real war. Can the mages fight the subtle dark hand of the Seers? What view is the right one? What happen if they win?
    • Brussels (Hate the game not the player)
      Bureaucratic seasonal courts rule. Carthians, Free Council, Invictus, Iron Masters, Ivory Claws, Seers of the Throne (Hegemonic, Panopticon), Silver Ladder, and Storm Lords ally and oppose each other trying to gain the upper hand.

      Bureaucracy and politics are the bread and butter of this city: The Carthians and Free Council are fractious and disunited, the Ladder and Storm Lords see power as a tool, Iron Masters see the way the wind is blowing and move accordingly, Ivory Claws know they deserve to be on top. While all the forces fight for power, the Freehold has found its niche and realised that the big boy games, are just that, games. The Courts keep their power, and host others, just as Brussels hosts the European Parliament.

      On the other hand, Seers just need to keep everybody busy until their victory arrives. Belgium and its complex government systems gives them an edge on the long term battle for Europe. Poverty, racism, intolerance, rape, education and healthcare costs all are increasing under their influence, here the Throne is symbolically strengthened and symbols matter in this war.

      Can any of the factions achieve anything? The idea here is to see if the mages can overcome the political inertia to make inroads, and save the city and Europe from the Seers, since it is headed to be a victory for the Throne.
    • Denpasar (Are you really free?)
      Loose alliance of Circle of the Crone, Ivory Claws and Fire-Touched in power, most mages are Apostates, Islamic influenced Fire-Touched, Lancea et Sanctum and Seers (Paternoster) try to establish a foothold.

      Bali is a paradise of contrasts: mainly Hindu in the largest Islamic country, full of high end resorts and luxury with large number of inhabitants living in poverty, worshiping nature while not having a garbage collection system, open to foreigners but hurting them with corruption. This dynamic tension is the perfect breeding ground for the Circle of the Crone, the Ivory Claws and the Fire-Touched, all the three factions allied under an apocryphal deity called Dewi Bisu, that Acolytes believe to be a daughter of the Crone and the Pure see as one of the Dihim, this goddess encourages harmony between the faithful and the world, ritual secrecy and maternal superiority over humans. This set of beliefs inspires Circle members to maintain a surprisingly high Humanity and a balanced Harmony on Pure..

      Mages that awaken on Bali quickly realise that paradise has owners and that willworkers are on their own. While tourists come and go, the castes subtly and overtly influence the Sleepers, the Islamic factions want to proselytise in this heathen land, the Pentacle never seems to gain traction, and minor but ambitious spirits harass the Awakened.

      The risk in Bali is stagnation: the easiest thing is to do nothing and relax; but is by facing new mysteries that mages grow mystically.

    I need to pick a city and I hoped that someone can see if my cities are accurate enough or if I am missing a relevant factor or detail.
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