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Bird Box monsters in the NWOD (Spoilers ahead)

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  • Bird Box monsters in the NWOD (Spoilers ahead)

    So I just watched the Bird Box movie and loved the concept. I found it very interesting and unique for a post-apocalyptic scenario. Then I though how would these monsters play out in the NWod universe... Basically would they be their own thing or would it make more sense if they fitted one of the main splat's cosmology. So here are my takes on what the Bird Box monsters could come from in the NWod...

    1) Monsters from the Abyss
    This seems the most natural to me. They are very lovecraftian and they make any mortal who see them basically lose all their Integrity stat. It seems like what the monster does is totally rip out the Quiescence/Sleeping curse and show the Lie of the Fallen World to a sleeping mind that is in no way ready for that. If a mage can already break a mortal integrity by doing magic in from of them, this is the same principle way, way more serious and forceful. It breaks the sleeper mind for good... What about the ones that worship these monsters? I feel like they were sleepwalkers that somehow managed to rationalize what they saw...
    But why this happened? Maybe the mages created so much paradox that the final consequence is this... Maybe this is the Seers of the Throne/Exarchs endgame...

    2) Idigam
    It is implied that the monsters are shapeshifters, always showing someone's deepest fears, and that they are incomprehensible. Feels like the Idigam to me... They decided to show their real power and screw the entire world and part of their new numina is about destroying the Integrity of their target. Or it can be a Lunacy effect powered to 11. The mortals that resist are wolf-blooded... however they still get their Integrity reduced to 1.

    3) God-Machine endgame
    God-Machine did it. It released its final structure and started the endgame. The monsters are a special, never before seen (pun intended) angels. These angels are not concealed and seing them turns mortal into stigmatics (their glitch is the eye effect). However they turn into miserable stigmatics with a broken Integrity... Maybe the ones that resist were already stigmatics, or had the unseen sense merit and already new of the God-Machine cogs, structures and angels around the world.

    4) Super Disquiet
    A bunch of Centimani had enough of their useless pilgrimage. Every city affected is in fact the result of a Centimani inflicting a powerful disquiet, so powerful as it has never been seen. They are in fact the bird box monsters and seeing them causes a disquiet effect so powerful on a mortal that it breaks them. The towns that are targeted become giant wastelands.

    5) Dark Mother's Incarnates
    All the incarnates of the world decided to teach their final lesson. They inflict ultimate nightmares on their targets that break all their integrity. The ones that survived the encounter were heroes, but they are also broken to the point of worshiping the incarnates.

    The question that arises is "How this is affecting the main splats and how would they respond to this?"... Could they stop this apocalypse? I think the main advantage of supernatural splats is that they would resist the vision effect (or at least be allowed to have a Clash of Wills). Fighting them back would be an interesting campaign for those who want an alternative NWod timeline with end of the world scenarios.

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    6) The Huntsmen Rebellion.

    Somehow -maybe even because of the Lost in a misguided effort to eliminate their enemies - the Huntsmen have thrown off their shackles to the Gentry. The Huntsmen believe that the only way to keep the Gentry down for good is to remove humanity from the equation, and use the powers of the fae realm to twist reality and devastate; though some exposed to these horrors become enchanted or fae-touched. Those survivors end up worshiping the renewed Hunt... and perhaps the Huntsmen might find a reason to keep humans around after all...