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    Hi, thanks to everybody for the help. With your suggestions and the ones in the oWoD sister thread, I was able to complete my nWoD/oWoD Jump builds. Here is the result for the nWoD, posted for anyone interested to know what this was all about. It seems in comparison to the original post, I was far too cautious about my estimations for the Jump character point budget. I was actually able to rack an OP 4700 CP budget, thanks to a combo of basic allowance, in-setting drawbacks, and Chain drawbacks (stuff that applies to every Jump).

    Omnibus New World of Darkness

    Gender: Male (0).

    Apparent Age: 18 (0).


    You may freely choose any place and time on Earth from the Neolithic onwards in which to start your time here, but nowhere is safe. You may freely set your biological sex and apparent age to any you choose. Additionally, you must purchase one of the following Origins. All of them come with the standard 7 Merit Points and the standard number of dots in skills and stats but you may ignore normal Chargen distribution (1 dot is your base stat coming in). You are free to take up to four Flaws, gaining 50 EXP for each taken. All Flaws are counted as Drawbacks and expire at the end of your time here. Under no circumstances may a power reach 10 dots during this jump. While nWoD doesn’t really give guidelines for powers higher than five dots, it’s known they exist, if only in theory. If you do not boost a power past 5 dots using purchased Exp, it cannot be raised higher than 5 through training. If a power is not boosted to 9 dots using purchased EXP, it cannot ever reach 10 dots.

    Methuselah (800). (This is sweet; it means being 1000+ years old, getting +600 exp., and spending 200 years in the world; my character was already going to spend a whole mortal lifetime in the setting anyway, due to Chain drawbacks).


    You will start your life here in a new alt-form with a new past roughly on par with a new PC of the Type you select (including attributes, abilities, backgrounds, disciplines/gifts/spheres/etc., merits, etc.) modified by your Origin choice.

    Psychic (0). (This is free, and psychic powers may synergize well with certain templates).

    Kindred (200). (Mostly picked for inherent immortality and certain Disciplines).

    Uratha (200). (Mostly picked for the inherent advantages such as easy regeneration; not going to invest many points in splat powers but the normal allowance since they are exp. guzzlers).

    Awakened (800). (Mages are the best for versatility and overall power level/potential).

    Changeling (200). (Several Contracts are very good).

    Beast (200). (Many Atavisms are awesome and beasts are custom-fitted for crossover chronicles).

    Abomination (300). (You may be an hybrid of several different supernatural types. The hybridization is successful even the combination would not make sense or should be self-destructive. You keep access to all relevant stats for each template, and retain all pools separately).

    (Other available type options I did not use include mortal, other minor templates, hunter, sin-eater, promethean, arisen, demon, genius, leviathan, and princess).


    Soundtrack of Darkness (0). (You get your own personal soundtrack of 2000's and 2010’s dark and edgy music, which can be made audible to yourself alone, everyone, or just specific people).

    It Can’t Rain All the Time (0). (Mandatory. The environment takes a Goth-Punk-Techno cold, isolating, and oppressive look and feel).

    Strangeness (0). (All manners of strangeness suffuse the world).

    Meritorious Conduct (x10) (1000). (You gain 3 MP. Unlike standard MP, these can be used to put a dot anywhere, not just for Merits. Anything boosted with these MP is considered to have been raised via Experience if it matters. Alternatively, you may buy this to gain 15 EXP. Either way, this can be purchased multiple times).

    Strange Radar (100). (You can sense the presence and type of supernatural creatures, by scent, sight, or just an odd tingle. It works through illusions, disguises, and invisibility).

    Insanity Defense (200). You are immune to anything that would cause insanity, or supernatural confusion or fear).

    Staunch Humanity (200). (Your sense of your own humanity (or basic sense of identity at least) is stronger, more resilient, and more flexible than it otherwise would be. Only the most inhumane and extreme actions can even dent it).

    Soaking Up the Damage (200). (You are much harder to damage with physical attacks than you otherwise would be and any supernatural weaknesses you have are lessened in intensity.Sunlight would merely weaken a vampire drastically, silver would be merely painful to a werewolf instead of causing agony, etc.).

    Refreshing (300). (All the power pools that power your types’ supernatural powers (Essence, Mana, Blood, Pyros, etc.) now naturally regenerate. Your pools will fully recharge in ten minutes. No more neck sucking for you).


    (My Chain Drawbacks mandate I take a full 1200 CP slate of native Drawbacks for this Jump).

    Old Hatreds (+100). (This guarantees animosities between the various factions and types in the WoD are at full strength).

    Cliches Abound (+100). (You cannot help but acting like a clichéd version of whatever transhuman monstrosity you have become. I guess for abominations, this means alternating between RPing the clichés of your various types, or combining them, as appropriate).

    A Game for Children (+200). (Everyone acts no older than the mental age of 22. This doesn’t mean everyone just stops aging at 22… 22 is the new 80. The vast majority of the adult population acts like they’re 12-16. For an additional +200, everyone is actually in that physical age range. Look forward to seeing a lot of dead kids and kids acting like freaking creepy murderhobos. I actually do not fancy modern infantilization of teens, and I rather prefer to deem them much closer to adults than to little children in terms of nature, capabilties, and responsibilties. So a population of perpetual adolescents does not bother me overmuch. I assume this version of the WoD would not be much different in practice from the many examples of the Adults Are Useless/There Are No Adults tropes in manga/anime stories, albeit of the darker variety).

    So Edgy (+200). (Everyone in the world now acts like a raging edgelord. Vampires are extra moody, Werewolves extra ragey, Mages act like chuuni, and everyone wears a trenchcoat all the time. For an additional +200, everyone acts like they’re larpers, including dressing like it).

    Open Hostility (+200). (One faction from one of the various types has something against you. They don’t like your face and plan to smush it in. Repeatedly. Until it sticks. This could be the entire The Lancea et Sanctum, or the Seers of the Throne, or the Pure, or any other major faction. If you pick a smaller faction, they will dedicate more resources and time to your extermination. Can be bought up to 4 times.).

    Plus a choice between a few options I’m uncertain about:

    A) +A Game for Children (+200). +So Edgy (+200).

    B) +Open Hostility (x2) (+400).

    C) By Candlelight (+100). (Everything will be lit by candles and full of smoke or mist or fog. Don’t expect to ever be in bright light or be able to hear things clearly). The Dawn that Doesn’t Come (+300). (There is no dawn in this world, no daytime. If you are a Vampire, you can never rest. If not… things are grimmer and there are things in the darkness. I suppose ecology is somehow supernaturally kept from collapsing).

    D) Seriously Bad Juju (+400). (Your powers from this jump have come at a price. To get them, you’ve made a deal with the powers of darkness and if you don’t act like a monster, they’ll come to collect… and they will be able to collect. I have no real trouble RPing evil characters, so this is no big hassle to me).


    +Meritorious Conduct (x10) (1000).

    It’s the End of the World (+1000). (This dooms the world to suffer some kind of apocalyptic fate you cannot stop, something that meaningfully threatens you. It happens within six years of you entering the setting. While I suppose my PC avatar could survive the end of the world w/o excessive trouble thanks to my powers, and the extra CP are tempting, I am not sure I want the hassle of spending a lifetime in a Mad Max setting).
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      Do Purified count as a minor template? If not, they are definitely a top pick.

      SWTOR Referal: