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Rolling with Rote with 9-Again

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  • Rolling with Rote with 9-Again

    Can you do both of these things at the same time? Can I make a Rote roll, rerolling all failed dice, while also rolling 9's again... and would it then also do 9's again with the failed dice from the rote?

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    Let's say you have a dice pool of 6d 9A Rote

    You roll 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10
    * 3 successes
    * 3 fails to Rote reroll
    * 2 again rolls (9&10)

    Rote reroll is 3, 8, 9
    * 2 successes
    * 1 again reroll

    You have 3d again for rerolls
    * 2 from the original and 1 from the Rote.
    * Roll s 4, 5, 8 (1 success)

    Total of 6 successes on 6 dice! Rotes are powerful.

    The 9 and 10 agains would happen after the Rote because the Rote is rerolling failed rolls and none of the 9/10 again would be failed rolls.

    I recommend having extra sets of different colored dice to keep the rotes and agains straight.

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      The much simpler method is just rerolling all failed dice first and then rerolling any X Again dice. No need for different coloured dice.

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