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Homebrew Merit - Biokinesis/mimicry related

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  • Homebrew Merit - Biokinesis/mimicry related

    So I'm in the midst of a mortal CofD campaign. Everyone's always got a quirk of some sort, and I saw the idea of the Bio merits to be quite interesting. The only thing that was disappointing is the lack of expansion on this "creature" idea. I mean, the only other merit related to either of these merits is Doppelganger, which, while cool, doesn't really mesh with the character concept I was able to come up with when I purchased these merits. So..... I came up with my own custom merit! It's mostly related to Biomimicry, but found the overall "power" of this merit to require some decent prerequisite cost. Plus, it actually gives you a reason to buy up more points of Biokinesis! (Let's be real, 3 is really the max we all purchase )

    Apex Predator (• - •••••)
    Prerequisite: Biomimicry (• - ••••) & Biokinesis (• - •••••) (Each dot of Biomimicry and Biokinesis unlocks a dot of Apex Predator, I.e, must have Biomimicry (•••) & Biokinesis (•••) to get Apex Predator (• - •••) )
    • Talons and Fangs - When using Biomimicry to sprout jagged teeth and claws, your body now produces long talons and fangs, treated as a 1 Lethal weapon instead of 0.

    •• Seeping Poison - When using Biomimicry to produce poison/venom, each success on a successful Dexterity + Athletics also does an additional bashing damage as well as causing your opponent to take the moderate Poisoned tilt.

    ••• Second Skin - Your body has become so attuned to your "predatory traits" that you're starting to feel your true self just beneath the surface. Gain 1/1 stackable armor permanently as a chitinous layer forms right below your skin.

    •••• One With The World - Your body blends naturally with any background. Even in motion, you're merely a blur on a camera. When you utilize the stealth mutation, consider all stealth rolls rote actions as well as having the 8-again quality.

    ••••• Top Of The Food Chain - You're practically as comfortable with your mutated form as many are with their favorite sweater. You no longer need to spend a willpower to activate Biomimicry, additionally, you now take bashing damage instead of lethal for each mutation you take.

    Drawback: Your transformations are literally second nature at this point. It's practically a subconscious reflex, like tossing your arms up when someone throws a punch your way. Under intense stimuli, roll Resolve+Composure, on a fail, your transformation occurs at an inopportune moment. The nature of said transformation should be relevant to the situation that led to this roll.

    Please, let me hear your thoughts!
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