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Blood-Dimmed Tides Chronicles of Darkness Edtion?

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  • Blood-Dimmed Tides Chronicles of Darkness Edtion?

    Inspired by the The Bygone Bestiary Thread . Any of you Remember the Blood Dimmed Tides book About Ocean Shit in the Classic world of Darkness , What about A chronicles of Darkness book.

    The Gauntlet of the Abyssal World. Lovecraft-like great old ones?

    Or Important Projects of the God-Machine Safe from the Eyes of Mortal and (most )supernaturals alike

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    Nope never got into CWOD cuz I lived in a small seaside town that existed in a semi-forgotten existence. Also Blood-Dimmed Tides sounds like literal Red Tide. We had plenty of mundane weird crap where I am from. On a more present note, I love the idea of more oceanic based books, Konradleijon.


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      Yeah, it's been a subject I've always kinda hoped Chronicles would touch on as a blue book, along similar veins to Precinct 13, Asylum, etc. I grew up sailing, and I think a lot of people fail to appreciate just how big and important ocean and ocean-adjacent professions are to the functioning of modern society. Oceanic shipping is still how the overwhelming majority of goods and trades move about the world, and the webs of industry and crime are every bit as deeply layered around the ocean as they are in the shadiest cities. And that's just the human element. We all know about the moon being more comprehensively mapped than our own oceans, and we've probably all seen pictures of the pretty nightmarish creatures that live in the depths. Ghost ships and maritime mysteries abound in the real world, let alone in a setting where the supernatural is very real. There's enough to fuel a half dozen books, honestly.


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        Yeah! It would be nice to hear about does Fishdudes from Werewolf.


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          The Sea is where you want to be. lol