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  • A Commercial Space travel Campaign

    It looks like the RL world is progressing to commercial space travel with those companies like SpaceX, etc. Are there any books/modules that deal with such a topic as a possible gameplay scenario? And if there is such a book, which Splat would be most suitable for such an adventure.

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    Infinite Macabre was a space travel supplement for Mirrors, it has ideas for every gameline that was out at the time I think.


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      Ah, but how can we make it more specific and commericalized?

      Vampire: Probably better not asked, but involves lots of blood and likely some Cruac Void goodness.
      Werewolf: Travel via the Stellar Roads of the Hisil! Be sure to tip your ship's Guide-Totem, and watch out for Void Leviathans!
      Mage: Why yes, our hyperdrive uses specialized scientific methods to achieve FTL transit. No, you are no allowed to look into the black boxes.
      Changeling: Hedge-Space! Goblin Space Pirates!
      Geist: Sub-Space - the Underworld beyond worlds! Travel recommended for short durations. Avoid derelicts.

      Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
      Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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        I feel so stupid and excited right now! I just remembered my commercial space industry history and do you all remember that there was a contest to see if anyone could make space travel cheaper and safer: the X Prize. What if some big, powerful Metanatural offered up a big honkin' prize to any and all who could such a thing except supernaturally. I was inspired by your post, Vent0. Good idea! I would modify it to the form of a great supernatural commercial space race consisting of 4 "laps" around Terra and Luna in a figure 8 pattern. Furthermore for the sake of some homogeneity, I would limit the available splats to Hunters, Changelings, and Mages cuz the others are too Spooky4me. Well, the Clever Doggies are welcome to try too as they have those Gifts dealing with technology if I recall. Anyways the ST could set up the contest holder have a secret agenda (like most BBGs do in Cod/NWoD) involving the etheric and ephemeral energies generated by the inter-orbital race. Also Laika the Russky Space Dog was probably a suicidal Garou.


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          Garou is an oldWoD term, as is the war between technology and nature. The Uratha of Forsaken are just as technologically capable as humans, and have the potential to be moreso. There's an entire lodge about making super cars as it is. Having another attempting to manage space travel fits the game.
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            Garou, Uratha, all Werewolves are the same to me with the exceptions of the Iron Masters and the Lodge of Thousand Steel Teeth. It is true they have the potential to become technologically more advanced than the Herd, but why hasn't someone made a NASA Wolf Totem or some kind of Curious Space Dog spirit to guide a tribe of Shifters to explore the outer reaches of the Hisil near Luna's realm, eh? I can see a pack of Uratha wanting to race using some kind of Spirit-powered magitech spacecraft though, especially if they think that they have found a way to reclaim the Moon's full favor or something.
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