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  • Graylion
    started a topic One Weapon & Armor Matrix

    One Weapon & Armor Matrix

    One Weapon & Armor Matrix to rule them all and in the game bind them. Oh wait I got carried away.

    This is a table I wrote up for my Vampire the Requiem Dark Ages and Chronicles of Darkness Campaign I ran for several years.

    I have resurrected this as I wrap my arms around StoryPath and see similarities and departures from the One system I envision using for all my story based RPGs.

    I used a modified CoD system which required successes similar to Exalted 3E and Trinity 1E. I humorously called it One.

    So for example if a targets CoD Defense would be 7 then in One it would be 4 (7/2 RdUp). One of the things I discovered was that because it required successes then all weapon damage needed to be 1 higher. Because if you hit by achieving your targets defense with a 0L dagger it failed. But if you add 1 to all the weapons they work So in Vampire the Masquerade, Trinity 1E if you hit a 3 Defense with three success wielding a dagger you inflict 1L providing they are not wearing armor. That is one of the reasons I am so intrigued by the Storypath Stunt system. It fixes so much for me.

    Anyway I just quickly typed up my hand written table

    It has been a while since I ran the math and comparisons, so I imagine there are mistakes but I tend to "make it fit".

    The cool thing is with this I can now pick up any number of systems books and convert a weapon on the fly.
    As a note I was not nearly happy with the armor conversion as I was with the weapons. You have to squeeze way too much statistics of other armor systems down to a very small scale with CoD/One but any other choice end up creating way too much of a re-write.

    Anyway love any feedback.

    Best regards
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  • Graylion
    I believe that my One column could become the Storypath Enhancement bonus for each weapon which is essentially a damage bonus only it helps you achieve the stunts of damage and critical along with assort other cool effects instead of rabiting up to be oneshot kill alls in CoD.

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  • Graylion
    One Weapon Matrix
    Weapon One
    CoD Trinity
    EX3 D&D
    Dagger, Fist 1 0 1-2d 7d 1d4
    Short Sword, Hatchet, Short Bow,
    Light Pistol, Revolver, SMG
    Laser Pistol, Flechette Pistol
    2 1 3-4d 7d 1d6
    Long Sword, Log Bow
    Heavy Pistol, Revolver, SMG
    Flechette Carbinbe
    3 2 5-6d 9d 1d8
    Bastard Sword, Katana
    Shotgun, Assault Rifle
    Laser Carbine
    4 3 7-8d 11d 1d10
    Great Sword
    Rifle, Plasma Rifle
    Light Coilgun
    5 4 9-10d 11d 1d12
    Heavy Coil Gun 6 5 11-12d
    Vibroblades +1 Dmg
    Artifacts / Formatted Biotech 3+ Dots +1 Atk/Dmg +1 Atk/Def
    Olaminum Rounds (Laced/Pure) +1/+2 Dmg
    One Armor Matrix
    Full Suits Penalty/
    One Rating
    Partial Suit
    Reinforced ClothingT
    TrenchcoatC, Padded ClothingC
    Mob -0
    Str 1
    CoD 1
    Mob -0
    Str 1
    LeatherCD, HideD, StuddedD
    Sports GearC
    Vac-SuitT, BioweaveT (Bio)
    Mob -1
    Str 2
    CoD 2
    EX3 Light 3
    Mob -0
    Kevlar VestC, Armored VestT
    Buff JacketE
    ChainmailCD, Artifact Silk ArmorE
    Field SuitT
    Ablative Body SuitM
    Mob -2
    Str 3
    CoD 3
    EX3 Medium 5
    Mob -1
    Str 2
    Flak JacketC,
    Chain ShirtD (Concealed)
    Reinforced Buff JacketE (Silent)
    Full Riot GeatC, Combat ArmorT
    BioVargT, Articulated PlateE
    Full Plate MailCD
    Mob -2
    Str 3
    CoD 3
    EX3 Heavy 7
    Mob -1
    Str 2
    Reinforced Breast PlateDE
    Bomb SuitC Mob -5
    Str 3
    CoD 5
    NA NA
    Formatted Biotech 3+ Dots
    (+1 Mobilty vs Penalty, Max +0)
    Artifact 3+ dots
    (+1 Soak)
    Olaminum Heavy Metal
    (Laced +1 Soak / Pure +2 Soak)
    Munbdane Soak vs Explosives
    (1/2 RdUp)
    C (Chronicles of Darkness - Various) | D (Dungeons & Dragons 5E) | E (Exalted 3E) | M (MechWarrior) | T (Trinity 1E)
    Systems omitted (Silhouette Core, MechWarrior, Palladium)

    The Files are here as well.

    Best regards
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