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    So my question is, does anyone have a grappling system that they absolutley love as a player and as a GM?

    Please note that I have never found a grapple system that I enjoy as both a player and GM. They range from D&D 3.5 & EX3 (Overly complicated), to D&D 5.0 (Vanilla Bland), to Trinity 1E & CoD (Almost there but whats with changing initiative – oh my head hurts).

    Here is hoping that Storypath ends up being the one or the frame to be the one.

    This grappling post is a part of a larger modified CoD system I have been using for several years that I finally typed and posted here.


    Declare a Grapple Maneuver (Instant)
    • See Grapple Maneuvers below
    Start a Grapple
    • Dex + Brawl or Martial Arts vs Defense
    • One hand free is required
    • Opponent is unarmed (Difficulty +1)
    • Opponent is armed (Difficulty +1)
    • Extra successes add to the Control Roll
    Opposed Control Roll
    • Str + Brawl or Martial Arts
    • Active Player (Attacker)
      • Wins (Maneuver success with extra successes)
      • Ties (Both grapplers struggle with no result)
      • Loses (Defender escapes reflexively on his next turn)
    Grappling Condition
    • While grappling both characters suffer …
      • Defense -2 vs other attackers
      • Cannot flurry or perform multiple actions
      • Weapon attacks in a grapple suffer size as a penalty (CoD Size)
      • No movement without the drag maneuver
      • External attacks may force a new control roll

    Grapple (Continue a grapple)
    • Break Free, Escape, Release (reflexive)
    • Control Weapon or Object
      • Draw a weapon or gain control of an opponents
    • Damage/Savage with…
      • Bite, Claws, or Natural Weapons
      • Bite & Feed (Vampires)
      • Melee Weapons (Weapon Size as a penalty)
      • Ranged Firearms (Weapon Size as a penalty)
      • Unarmed Attacks
    • Disarm Weapon or Object
      • Must success at control weapon first
    • Drag +1DR
    • Hold in Place (Neither may apply Defense vs incoming attacks)
      • Choke Hold (Merit)
      • Restrain/Immobilize +1DR (Tilt)
        • Apply Cuffs/Manacles +1 DR (Control + s>Str)
    • Hold at Bay
      • Gun to head, hand over mouth, knife at neck
      • Take Cover/Human Shield (Breaking Point)
    • Reverse Grapple (Reflexive)
    • Throw/Slam/Drop
      • Drop Prone (both go prone, no damage, grapple ends)
      • Slam (+1DR, 1B/L per success, grapple ends)
      • Throw (+1DR, 1B/L per success, grapple ends, close range)

    Roleplaying not Rollplaying or Ruleplaying
    Current Focus
    Storypath & Storypath to Run CoD, VtR, WtF, MtA
    Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition