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Question about missing rules in CoD

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    started a topic Question about missing rules in CoD

    Question about missing rules in CoD

    Hello, I'm rather new to WoD/CoD books, I was only introduced to it after chronicles came out so I have never had any exposure to the WoD rules pre-God Machine. I've noticed that I can't seem to find certain rules in the Chronicles of Darkness Core book that seem rather important (like sleep/fatigue and lifting heavy objects). All I can seem to find in CoD Core about lifting feats is that it's some sort of strength+stamina roll, but it never really goes into how much a character can lift per X dots in strength, but I go to the WoD rulebook and I find a complete lifting strength chart along with several paragraph on the subject. My question is, if you can't find a rule in the CoD core book, is it assumed that you fall back to the WoD rule in question? Or even were certain things left out of the CoD book under that assumption? Thanks in advance for your replies.

  • Mateus
    Hey Dunkening,

    I had noticed that myself too and I think it has to do with the change from WoD to CoD. Strength for example is no longer a mathematical value but a general appreciation for what your character can do "under duress".

    The idea being that if the character isn't forced into action, they can take their time and find a way to do it. Basically making their effort into an extended action(if my use of the vocabulary is correct) where you as the ST apply a number of successes necessary to succeed at the action.

    So for example a 1 dot strength character and a 5 dot strength character try to break down a wooden door. You apply a 3 success to the extended action. they each roll and odds are that the 5 dot character will break the door down sooner than the 1 dot character.

    Same should apply to any skills and ability scores.

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