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Open letter about the Chronicles of Darkness, Onyx Path, Beast and the future

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    Cinder we haven't interacted directly much, and I'm quite the lurker myself, but you are a phenomenal writer and I really respect how much passion you throw into your writing for Beast. I just got out of a health crisis myself and damn is it ever scary at first, but then it lapses into, frankly, boredom and dark sarcastic humour. Fighting doesn't have to be dramatic. Strength and resistance can be quiet. Hang in there and take care of yourself.

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      From my point of view, passing trough a "personal horror" could only make you a better writer, Onyx path member would surely understand it.
      I don t think that talking to friends and other people about what scares you it s something to blame, it only means that you are a perfectly normal human being.
      Good luck with your battle and with your future works!


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        I just wanted to thank all of you for the kind response to this thread. It was an heartfelt post I made because I sincerely thougth it could have a positive impact on our place and community, but my anxiety alarms rang like hell as I wrote and posted it and I doubt they'll ever stop.

        But the way those who replied to it have taken it, your encouragement and kind words, really made me feel better about it.

        Thanks to everyone, really.

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          Being honest and open, in a public forum, is one of the hardest things people manage to do, it's not pathetic, especially considering the fight you're putting up. We haven't been on the same side of every conversation point but I've appreciated your insight and at times infectious interest in things, as well as your creations.

          Stay strong, man.


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            I don't think we've had any contact before but I just want to wish you the best!


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              Others have expressed their well-wishes more eloquently than me, but do believe me when I say I want you to have a full recovery soon.

              From the bottom of my heart, thanks for all your insights, creations and being a cool dude!

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                Cinder , we certainly haven't interacted as much as I would like. I always read your big write ups and wish I had time to collaborate more. I will make an effort to do so in the future. I hope everything works out for you with what ever is going on. And if you need someone to talk to always feel free to DM me.


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                  Not going to lie. Had some tears reading that. I cannot say how heartfelt it was and how much I wish you hope and recovery. I've been a bit distanced from the forums lately but it's good to know there's reasons like you to stick around.

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                    Cinder I'm sorry to hear about you going through some shit and I hope you all the best. Thanks for the shout-out; it actually means a lot to me realizing that I've been on these sites for such a long time and have made a difference, however small.


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                      Hey, we've never interacted much outside of like a short Twitter thread or something, but your writings had a huge impact on how I ran my Beast campaign and has made it objectively better, I think. Best wishes for a good recovery, you've got a lot of people cheering you on, me included.


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                        It's been a treat to see your thoughts on the books over the years, and I'm glad to have your appreciation.

                        Pulling for you to get through this thing. Looking forward to seeing that ink.

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                          I wish you the best of luck


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                            Good luck kicking the arse of whatever it is, Cinder.

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                              Health scares suck, and I'm rooting for you Cinder. I'm also a fan of Beast, warts and all, so I'm glad that you're keeping your positivity and passion up and focused.

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                                We haven't talked too much directly, but reading your posts and your insights are always a pleasure.

                                Kick the HealthThing in the ass!