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Bringing the Dreaming into the CoD

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  • Bringing the Dreaming into the CoD

    As you all know, Beast has a slightly parallel foundation to the OWoD game Changeling the Dreaming in the fact that a Beast's Horror is primarily dream-based if I remember correctly. I humbly submit the idea that you could actually dump the Kithain or whatever into the CoD using Beast as a starting point and snatch a bunch of themes and ideas from Dreaming's successor, CtL. For where Beasts and their Horrors feed on types of fear, perhaps these old-skool Changelings could gain Agency from possibly generating Hope or other positive ideas and emotions in mortal dreams. Just imagine an Seelie Troll valiantly fighting a Ugallu Roc bird on top of a Dream Bastion resembling a great snowy mountain peak! (I really miss the 90's....)

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    While I'm a big fan of Beast, I love Lost, and I'm not sure what's gained by looking to Beast for trying t bring Dreaming style characters into the CofD. The Lost have strong connections to dreams and in a much more 'playable' way with their oneiromancy vs. Beast brute force nightmare stuff. The Hedge is much better for Dreaming style escapades it another world parallel to our own.

    None of Beast's most intriguing, unique, and flavorful mechanics really add much to a CofD version of Dreaming besides maybe the feeding systems to help make CtD's feeding structure more functional.