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Core, the Autopilots, otherwise called Starship People!

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    Nice. Where does the magic and/or Occult Physics come in though? I was under the assumption that it was a magitech process that transferred the "soul" to the ship and this soul rather than the brain was what allowed ships to navigate your hyperspace equivalent safely.
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      To answer that Master Aquatosic, I give unto the world the Core's Supernatural Trait!!! Some details still need construction, this entry is not finished.


      A Core's ability to connect with their ship and travel through (Insert Officially Named Hyperspace Equivalent Here) is due to the conversion process permanently partially submerging the Core in the mentioned extra-dimensional existence. As the Core exists in both real-space and the metaphysical at the same time, a constant noise ushers forth from the Core's very being, and receives answers in turn. This connection with the otherspace is called the Core's Signal, the source of the Core's paranormal abilities.

      In game terms, the Signal allows a Core to gain more power from Fuel, develop Abilities and Skills to ludicrous levels. It also helps determine how far a ship can travel in a single jump, the resistance against supernatural effects, and how difficult it is for the Core to go undetected by FTL sensors. Just as a star burns bright amidst space, so too does a Core's Signal emit either with dimness or gross incandescence depending on the strength of the Signal. Consequently, the greater the Signal, the more Fuel that will be required to maintain normal functionality.

      To fully Link with a starship, the Core must let their Signal suffuse the hull of the ship. This creates a sympathetic resonance between Core and the ship, allowing for the ship to add the Core's Signal rating as Supernatural Tolerance. Just as important is that this Insulation also affects anyone within the ship in resisting supernatural effects originating from outside the starship.

      The Signal additionally allows for the Core to utilize occult physics phenomena regarded in common parlance as Esoterics. Supernatural effects derived not from the starship's modules, but from the Core's own understanding of their connection with (Insert Officially Named Hyperspace Equivalent Here). These abilities may either affect the world on a starship scale, requiring the expenditure of Fuel for the effort, or may be downsized to more personal scale should the Core have been required to exit the starship for a time.

      A table for just how much power a Core gets from a single use of Fuel should be around here somewhere, along with how brightly the Core's Signal shines, how many Modules can be easily powered, and what the max attribute ratings can be. Still working out the kinks there.