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[Contagion] Plauges of History & origins of Sworn

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  • [Contagion] Plauges of History & origins of Sworn

    With preview of chapter 3 of Contagion Chronicle‘Plagues, Interstitial and Otherwise’ – we got some exemplar Plauges outbreaks and how they started various Sworn groups. As I wanted to deep dive into context of those events – here we have topic for it.

    I’m a bit bised, but want to start from the event that is most concerning my private game – subchapter ‘Exile, Prophecy, and Wrath: 600 CE / 600 BCE’, i.e. Plague of Justinian in Byzantium and creation of Jeremiad Sworn. I try to understand this subchapter, but construction of it makes it really unclear.

    Most I’m interested with what are Symptoms of Cyrus/Vishtapa Contagion – and how it’s relating to Plague of Justinian. ‘Exile…’ describes some spatial breaking of roads leading to cities, man dying each day three times – and rising again, each day. And then text goes how similar things repeat itself from times of prophet Jeremiad up to Plague of Justinian. And here is that I scratch my head.

    I could see ‘thrice risen’ as disturbing symptom in the Black Death ( i.e. Plague of Justinian ) – it still better that people are returning to living than being simply dead from sickness. Still, the weirdest thing is this curvature of space – How, in the greatest, can ‘being risen from death’ related to ‘our cities are closer than it should be’? Maybe you have some ideas how to answer this relation?
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    Writing Plague of Justinian as Contagion Outbreak framework from Contagion Chronicle Storytelling Chapter. I will edit Complications section later on…

    1. Dead by the Black Death can rise again. And again. So we have typical ‘zombie horde’ outbreaks in some parts of epidemic area.
    2. Spatial distortions – some part of areas touched by Contagion seems to lead to other areas of Contagion. Like world blurring with itself.
    1. Rats are on the rise. They seems to be coming like they were controlled by the Contagion itself. Maybe there are…
    Dead by the Black Death can rise again
    1. Mass graves of the sick are dangerous to be around – people are missing there.
    2. Suddenly emptied battlefields.
    Spatial distortions
    1. People are starting to be lost in area of Contagion – they are send elsewhere
    2. Various realms are starting to overlap the same space?
    Rats are on the rise
    1. Beshilu, Rat Host, is high in the area of Contagion – it leads to gnawing of Gauntlet. And by this, to slow merge of Flesh and Spirit World.

    600-800s in Byzantium Empire

    Dead by the Black Death can rise again
    1. (Mass graves) Xenia Acominatus – Sin-Eater – Bereaved Gatekeeper – Sworn: ? – Xenia lost to the Plague her young son, Elpidios. Not being possible to reconcile her loss, she looked for him days and nights in closest mass graves for sick. She was killed by the Black Death, but Bargained with Geist Mother of Lost, for possibility to find her child. Now she try to warn those close to the dead to watch out there is something wrong with the dead by the Plauge.
    2. (Emptied battlefields) Christophoros Diogenus – Vampire – Venture Legion of Damned ( Lancea Sanctum ) – Sworn: Jeremiad – Christophoros was one of leading generals in East Roman Empire wars with Arabs. When he was finally pierced on the battlefield by the blade of unfaithful, he started his descent from the world of the living. Seeing merits in his devotion and strategy skills, he was Embraced by his vampiric sire, in his tent, barely living. He quickly returned to the Army of the Night, fighting in the Longinus name. Now, fighting with the heretics, Chirstophoros found out that dead do not stand dead long enough – and some of the killed are returning to unlife, to fight them once again. Diogenus started campaign against those undead, in the name of God and Unholy Emperor.
    Spatial distortions
    1. (Lost people) Lucas Rhagabe – Hunter – ??? – Sworn: Athantoi ( Cryptocracy ) – Lucas is advisor on local palace court. He is middle-man in Empires great machine. Still, he care about Roman citizens – and founds that inside of Plague, people are missing. On first thought, he connected it simply to the kills by the Black Death. But pattern was much more broad. Now he looks into possible other origins of those missing.
    2. (Realms overlapping) Hecate – Mage – Mastigos Panscryptias – Sworn: Ompahlos ( Rosetta Society ) – Like her Shadow Name patron, Hecate is driven to research crossroads, portals and even other magical realms. She see the line connecting Plague of Justinian with the realms overlapping. She just need to know one thing – WHY?
    Rats are on the rise
    1. Beshilu Red Minister – See Werewolf the Forsaken 2E corebook, page 204

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