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    Hey i have a player group now consiting of a stigmatic Hunter without any conspiracy or compact memberships, an extempore promethean who is animated by a goblin fruit that replaced the heart of her body aaaand a human turned hobgoblin. The game is set in seattle and i was wondering what cool things i could get these characters into with the contagion . Any ideas?

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    Like my current idea is that bits of the hedge have been ripped into the real world and merged with bits of that malevolent intelligence that controls the hedge has now mixed in with the infrastructure creating an unnatural mockery of the god machine...which keeps spreading it's bramble like infrastructure throughout seattle. This is my first contagion strain idea, but i am not sure how worthwhile it is as a starting concept.


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      What if The Hedge is the previous GodMachine - just organically based? And it's not very pleased with this mechanical upstart? The HedgeMachine might try activating its own "angels". These could be dormant players that no one has seen, or maybe all Fae have to resist being called into service by the old Master.