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8 again and 9 again roll

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  • 8 again and 9 again roll

    Does the rule works only on the first roll or does It work until you have no more success left?

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    If you have 9-Again on a roll and you roll a 9, and you keep the success, reroll the die and get another 9, you keep the new success and reroll it again. Repeat until the die shows less than 9. Same goes for the usual 10-Again rule on most normal rolls.


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      Yeah, which indeed does mean that if you have 8-again, you keep re-rolling every success die (adding to your total amount of successes) until you no longer roll a success.

      So you roll four dice and you roll 9, 6, 2 and 1, you roll the 9 again. this time you roll an 8, so roll again. 10, so roll again. another 8, roll again. Ah, 7 this time, so no more re-rolls. You got 4 successes in total!