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What about Merits gained through narrative?

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    There are 4 ways my table handles this:

    1. You gain the Merit for free, but you mark the Merit with an asterisks. This means the Merit is not covered under the purview of Sanctity of Merits. In other words, the Storyteller should feel free to have the story develop in such a way that you'll lose the Merit again, and when you do, you don't get the Merit dot or experience points back. The way to show the Storyteller that you want to keep the Merit, is by legitimizing the Merit by actually investing the necessary amount of experience points into it.

    2. You gain a new contact or ally through the narrative, but you do not gain any Merits, and the benefits you gain from your new contact or ally are limited, until you invest experience points into the appropriate Merits. For example, your new police friend is reluctant to provide you with information from the police database, until you invest a dot in Contacts (Police).

    3. You are allowed to buy the appropriate Merit at the end of the session in which you gained your new contact or ally. If you do not have the necessary experience points free, you are allowed to go into an experience point debt, marking your current available experiences as -1, -2 or -3, etc.

    4. Instead of gaining a Merit, you can gain a Condition that does the same thing as the Merit (or something similar), and resolves after a single use. After that, you don't get to use your contact/ally anymore, until you buy the appropriate Merit. Some players might prefer this method when they only want to use their new contact/ally once.
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      While I agree with all the above, it's also your game. If you want to toss free Merit dots for good RP, go nuts. I think Conditions are a good way to handle temporary contacts and let players earn Beats towards purchasing the normal Merit. The issue with giving things away for free is other players will ask "why not me for X?".


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        The way I see it the benefit of having merits for your social connections is ease of use: no social maneuvering necessary, just say what you want and maybe roll once and you’re good to go, guaranteed.