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Help! Zoo campaign for Contagion Chronicles question

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  • Help! Zoo campaign for Contagion Chronicles question

    I’ll be starting a “zoo” campaign (multiple creature books) for the Contagion Chronicles. For those who have run multiple creature types before, I’m looking for quick reference notes for each creature type to be front and center that I can use as Storyteller; like list of resistances, Mage Sight reminder, Sybaris reminder; stuff like that. I’ve taken copious notes on each game system but I’d like a distilled version - and I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Thanks!

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    Something I did before starting play in the Contagion playtest was create a reference document for my character that listed all major splat abilities, plus all individual powers she had purchased, which I shared with the group and ST (though I don't think he needed it, really).

    Something like this - an individualized reference sheet per-player - is super useful in my experience. There is way too much to remember to make a global reference for all possible splats, but the odds are that, even in a zoo game, you don't have all possible splats actually making an appearance.


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      Yes, exactly what I’m looking for!!! Can you share it with me?


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        I have all the 2E ones. Some aren't short. And some of the more complex aspects of a gameline is just a page number and me throwing curses out.


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          Can you point me where I can find them?


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            Id have them here, but it wont let me.