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    Is there any book that can I find rules about creation of scrolls/tomes, in other words, magic power written for a single use?

    The Second Sight mention about some ancient tomes that is consumed in the ritual to perform the effect, but nothing about how to create it.
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    There are lots of ways to make one-use magical items.

    Depends what context you need the rules for. I mean, I suspect the reason SS doesn't have rules, is that by definition it's a one use item and you won't find another one. You can have it do basically anything you want as ST and it doesn't really matter.


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      Werewolf has them as talens.

      But if it's just a one use thing it seems like you could attribute most powers to it (mage is a decent source for wide ranging abilities) and just have it be used once. Since it's one use players aren't (I'm guessing) buying it with Experiences, so it's not like you would need to gauge the power level for it. If you want mechanics for dicerolls, probably the most basic place you could look at is the Crafting section in Chronicles, which details the creation of things like plans and rituals (among other things. For more mechanical depth you might look to something like the book Reliquary, which is all about magic items, including building them from a ST perspective and telling stories around them.