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Additional Success - Special Abilities

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  • Additional Success - Special Abilities


    Some special powers add Success to the rolls, if you archive at least 1 success. Another Abilities reduces the success, depending the circunstances, for example the Dodge maneuver that reduces the attack.

    What is the time to consider this bonuses from special abilities?

    For Example: The character name 'X' attack the 'Y' with a power that says: If you archive at least 1 success, add the Weaponry as automatic Success. The 'Y" declares Dodge from this attack, where the rolls is bigger than the initial roll from the attacker. But if you consider the automatic success from that special, the character Y is hit.

    Should I consider the additional bonuses in this roll from attacker or not?

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    When making an attack against someone that's dodging first subtract their successes from yours, if you still have at least one success then you add the weapon bonus as automatic damage.

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      In general without looking at specific examples:

      If a power says to add bonus successes if you roll one success, that should count despite a counter like Dodge.

      It's simple enough to key a power to only add successes after Dodge on an attack.