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  • Changing Breeds 1.5

    This won't be a full conversion but I am going to meet 2nd edition half-way. The changes I have in mind so far are fairly bare bones:

    -Update to 2e experience costs and using beats
    -Beginning with 10 merit dots as opposed to 7
    -Instituting conditions/tils

    Keeping from 1e:

    -Aspects and Favors from CBs. (Yes I know they are a nightmare of balance, I both sort of love and hate that aspect)
    -The fact that there social structures are nebulous. There really isn't any great power structure to bend the knee to like courts, lodges, etc so my players (who will start as mortals) can explore more freely and decide their own allegiances.

    One thing I am looking into now is the changing breeds Beast Magic and Gifts ability. I find it odd that gaining gifts does not limit your primal heart but learning abilities similar to spells (book states not the actual arcana but similar abilities inspired by them) does. I wonder if it would be wise to have a player choose one or the other exclusively but remove the primal heart restriction?

    I also wonder about using powers from other 1e splats like creating a new branch of favor similar to gifts or beast magic that allows a Feral to learn disciplines or contracts?

    Any suggestions on how to bring CB's more into line with 2e (without completely overhauling them as that seems like more pain than it's worth) is appreciated, id also love feedback on my last 2 points.

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    Do you already have the whole body in your head? Because I have produced a review of my own and if I may, I would like to attend and present my ideas.

    My points would be (Aztec Mythology - Third Sun). Lamarknism and an Inversion of Lord of the Flies as the three Theme, but that the civilized world would in reality be the alienating aspect (in the sense given by such a book) and that even though they do not really fit or understand the mechanism of civilization Animals or children of animals of few generations and not people with animal spirits).

    The origins of each group need not be given in Aztec mythology, but the Origin of Being would be as closely linked to the Third Aztec Sun as Mummy is to Egypt.

    But this does not preclude associating the origin of the Bears to Sedna within this initial Aztec cosmology.


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      I'm all for actually giving the Changing Breed their own form of magic/giving them gifts.

      I believe the nature of how a lot of the Shapeshifters were handled in Chronicles is you don't have to worry about stepping on any sort of history or toes. You can just make up the various shapeshifters and mix and match which actually exist and which don't.

      Like I look back and those Skymaster Falcon Shifters would have been perfect for me if they had something like Gifts or rights. I know things are simpler if you low ball how supernatural they are and don't tangle in Magic or the Spirit, but that's were all the fun is, and that is what separates shapeshifters from Island of Dr. Mureau mutants.

      It is a time for great deeds!


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        Part of why I liked CB is that it provides a rough toolbox of nonsense to build any sort of shape shifter you want to. A player of mine actually had the idea to play a Were-Man. The idea was a Jekyll that would hulk out into a war-form Hyde and then devolve down further into a cave-man/beast and then further into a distant human ancestor/chimp analogue. I enjoyed the idea of exploring the more animalistic side of human nature.

        I went the way of using it as a toolkit to allow players to play lovecraftian investigators with deeply tainted bloodlines. Weresquid with telepathy that can delve the icy depths and discover long lost rites and arcana? Fantastic. Want to play misshapen beasts, young of Shub-Niggurath? Perfectly possible.

        I enjoy that there is no real obligation to link your CBs to big organizations like courts and conspiracies because it frees them up to really explore and act how they want to act and grow in whatever direction is the most organic for the character.

        As far as magic goes I feel like they should purchase Gifts like Uratha, but be free of Auspices and favored gifts. Let them choose whatever they can reasonably learn and fits their concept. I feel like they should be able to learn spells (just the base spells turned into abilities) but not have to limit their powerstat to a paultry 3 or lower. Should they be able to learn disciplines? Why the hell not? Learn blood magic from an old crone that lives off in the deep woods or from forbidden texts left behind in abandoned moldering subway tunnels. Contracts? Why not. Expecially if you do the lovecraft route! Make your pacts.

        I have toyed with the idea of using the Reason mechanic from Mirrors where you can sacrifice reason to learn bits of forbidden lore, but if I make them favors like beast magic, especially ones that you can learn or progress in later as you go) I am not really sure I see the point unless you go the lovecraft route and even then it would just be for the thematic flavor of sacrificing reason for power, or having to slowly earn it back.


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          Originally posted by ThriceHonored View Post
          Look out! It's the Man-Man! A terrifying man capable of changing into the shape of a man!
          I really like the idea, though. It's just the name that really cracks me up.

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