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    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    I'd add, they presumably used a hammer as well seeing as humans (and presumably vampires) have ribs. However, Requiem clearly takes inspiration from more modern vampire fiction where you can one-hand a stake like a wooden dagger, in which case, for a stake to be wieldable as a weapon, it'd need to be relatively thin.
    You still need quite a lot of damage for it to reach the heart, which either means a good hit (between ribs, bending them away) or a forceful hit (enough force to just break the rib that's in the way. Considering that the targeting penalty is so low I'm inclined to believe it's not about finding the gap between the right ribs as much as just punching through them. Also note the massive Initiative penalty which implies that the stake is quite cumbersome to wield (even though it's neither two-handed nor heavy).

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      Originally posted by Morangias View Post
      See, applying logic and common sense to WoD can work! You just have to have some common sense and basic understanding of logic.
      It is impossible to take you seriously when you try this hard to be condescending.


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        Originally posted by lnodiv View Post
        It is impossible to take you seriously when you try this hard to be condescending.
        I didn't have to try hard at all! Your posts make it really easy for me.


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          Originally posted by Morangias View Post

          I didn't have to try hard at all! Your posts make it really easy for me.
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            Back to the OP's matter.

            First: great character concept. Quite evocative. Now there have been a variety of points as to how to reduce your character's dodge pool: Celerity, lots of mooks, environment, all of these could easily do the trick. If your character is known for a certain style then there will be someone who will come along to counter it.

            However. Were I your ST I'd put effort into lining up one or several antagonists hired in to deal with you. You know: thrown weapon masters, a sword artist with arrow deflection, etc. You're playing Hawkeye and instead of taking away your schtick that can and should be played up.

            In the meantime, if half the vampiric population is turning up in inconvenient places with wooden arrows through their tickers, that kind of behavior will come back on you in the form of censure and penalties on your allies (mortal or otherwise) who CAN be caught, pinned down and given very stern lectures about their "associate" with a bow. You know, lectures with molten lead on the lucky ones.

            On to a related matter: sure you can stake vamps with wooden arrowshafts. Note that the damage rating for arrows would be for those with metal heads, which would not, strictly speaking, qualify as "stakes" in the same way that a fire-hardened arrowshaft might. So you might be hitting vamps with a penalty to your damage, at least until you can develop a Devotion that treats the arrow with Vitae and makes it as hard as iron....



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              Seconding what was said: lots of mooks, ranged mooks, hired specialists, attacking you where it hurts (friends - mortal or otherwise), good use of supernatural abilities - all those work.
              Most interesting imo would be clever tactics, e.g. use of environment. It'd be easy to practically cripple the character with a maze-like building with lots of corners and cover, negating your ranged ability if you get drawn in. A literal trap made to fight you (would be hell on the PC, but also reflective of how far they've come if people go to these lengths to beat them). Or hell, explosives. Taking your friends as living cover also works. A place with lots of cover always helps. What I think would be more fun to use would be a confusing place like a mirror cabinet or the outright use of illusions. Bait-tactics to make you run out of arrows (including sacrificing mooks).
              Use of tools can work, too - flashbangs, smoke grenades etc. to take away your vision. SWAT-issued shields and plated armor.
              I agree with Khanwulf, however: the measures should not force you to change your style, merely challenge you to decrease any OP-ness and highlight how much of a nuisance your PC has become.