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Thought Experiment - Fae Wolves - help me craft a Monster to throw at my players

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  • Thought Experiment - Fae Wolves - help me craft a Monster to throw at my players

    This is a thought experiment that came up while discussing a new cross-over game with my players over the weekend. The players posited what would happen if the True Fae got hold of an Uratha. The main discussion came up as to whether or not a Gentry would have to separate the wolf's soul from the Shadow half in order to manipulate it, and if it could, what freakish monstrosities would be wrought.

    This assumes a couple things -
    1. that Uratha have human souls in addition to their Spirit halves
    2. that a Gentry plays Pla-Doh with the soul in order to re-craft the changeling
    3. that the Gentry cannot manipulate the Spirit
    4. that the Uratha's flesh side (including it's human soul) could be forcibly ripped from its Spirit side by something powerful enough

    With those assumptions in place, I'm curious to hear what devilishness you all can come up with for this scenario (either for the new Changeling or the Shadow that got separated from its Flesh.

    Also would be curious to know what you think about the Fae getting hold of an Uratha without those assumptions (or one that got trapped in the Hedge for a period of time and turned Hob.)

    Which of these - in your mind - is most plausible?

  • jmkoontz1980
    That's an interesting take. We're using 2e - my reading of 2e CtL thus far suggests to me that a pieces or pieces of a Changeling's Soul get ripped out and left behind in the Hedge during their escape as Icons that they can theoretically locate and reconstitute into themselves. This suggests to me that either the soul has already been shattered by the remaking during the Durance or that the bits are literally just ripped out by the Hedge Thorns. I like the former interpretation.

    Thinking of the Wolf's soul as primary Hunter makes me think of them essentially becoming like the old stories of the creatures that accompany the Wild Hunt - which would go along with what you mentioned about Huntsmen. Perhaps these metamorphosing creatures bent fully towards the hunt would be prized "hunting hounds" of a Huntsman, or minions the Gentry sends along with the huntsman she enslaves to send after the PCs

    The idea that the Spirit cannot be fully excised intact also gives me wonderful ideas for mangled orphan spirits of wolves and the hunt roaming the Hisil or trying to get back to their Flesh. Maybe if several were Taken, these torn fragments would cannibalize each other and become something horrific ... I dunno

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  • nofather
    First edition had something called briarwolves that were implied to be werewolves who got lost in the Hedge and their Harmony fell all the way down. But first edition werewolf leaned more on your character being, in some sense, an actual wolf, rather than second edition's take that 'you are a hunter, and your tools take the shape of a wolf.' So at least some will depend on what edition you're using.

    I don't think your general True Fae would be able to divide the soul of a werewolf with the kind of preciseness that would allow for one side to be entirely excised. I believe the upcoming Shunned by the Moon should have some examples of werewolves who have embraced their flesh side so thoroughly as to have no spiritual side to balance against, however, and from there you could probably take a guess as to what it would look like if a Fae did it. Presumably you would have a Thing-like amorphous shifter, or creature similar to dopplegangers from D&D, something that can shift its flesh to adapt to the circumstances its Keeper would demand of it, though that's discounting the Fae/wyrd aspect of things. I'm not sure how Changeling second edition does it, but in first Changelings were created when the stuff of Wyrd filled up the wounded and shredded parts of what was once a human soul, allowing it to bring the Wyrd with them. I'm not sure what exactly that would be like, but I think it's fair to say the end result would depend a lot on its Durance and the shape the holes in its soul were made to take.

    Keeping in mind that the werewolf's soul is bent towards the hunt, you might end up with something like a Huntsman.
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