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Maori Supernatural Creatures In Chronicles of Darkness

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  • Maori Supernatural Creatures In Chronicles of Darkness

    I mean In Contagion Chronicles New Zealand, Auckland is a setting. And WW1 Geist is Based in Mew Zealand.

    So what about Maori mythical Creatures.

    Like the TANIWHA

    Taniwha are man-eating monsters, usually dwelling in deep water, both salt and fresh. They somewhat resemble dragons, although they have the ability to shape-shift into natural creatures, such as whales, or objects, such as bits of wood. They sometimes act as guardians, but have also been known to kidnap humans, dragging them down into their lairs to either feast upon or rape.


    Tipua are shape-shifting demons. They can take the form of anything, be it animal, vegetable or mineral. If something that is ordinary, such as a fish, a tree, or a stone, looks somehow uncanny then it is likely a tipua. If you ever come across a place inhabited by one or more tipua, you should make an offering or face the consequences.

    And others