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GodMachine Merch?

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  • GodMachine Merch?

    Is there any GodMachine merchandise available?
    • A t-shirt saying "GodMachine IT services"? Or "GodMachine Human Resource"?
    • Simulacra Unionization buttons?
    • Deva Corporation coffee mugs?
    • Idigama Spirits advertising poster?
    • Promethean Team "building" shirts?
    Or perhaps you have better suggestions?

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    There's assorted goods on RedBubble. The symbols are pretty nice identifiers of your fandom, though there's also images from the books.

    Demon the Descent stuff.

    Straight Chronicles stuff.

    The RedBubble store.

    They have phone cases, mugs, I think pins. I don't believe there's much 'in-world' content for Chronicles. There's some for Werewolf the Apocalypse, I think it mostly popped up when the Book of the Wyrm came out, with Pentex Corporation shirts and symbols for the various subsidiaries.

    Hopefully we'll get some more, though, something for Shunned's RD-13 or Church of the Wolf would be amusing, and obviously Deviant and Hunter are big on organizations. I'd dig it, at least, tho I'm sure a bigger customer base than I would be appreciated.