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Stun grenades and Tilts

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  • Stun grenades and Tilts

    In Hurt Locker stun grenades inflict Blinded, Deafened, and sometimes Stunned. Tilts usually only go away when the damage that caused them is healed, but stun grenades don't do any damage. So, do the Tilts caused by stun grenades end the instant they're given, or do they just last forever? Or is there something missing from the stun grenade rules that explains how long the Tilts are meant to last?
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    Stunned normally only lasts for one turn, I believe. You could resolve this by having stun grenades do one automatic bashing damage, or have it last for 6-stamina rounds, or something like that.


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      “Deafness caused by loud noises fades after (10 - the victim’s Stamina + Resolve) turns,” which I guess should also be the case for the blindness, though I’d count it as in one eye only after the first turn since at least according to Wikipedia total blindness from a flashbang lasts around five seconds followed by seeing afterimages.