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  • Originally posted by The MG View Post
    One thing I've considered a few times, but never implemented, is removing Variations from the Homunculus altogether, in favour of a more Lash-like system of unique properties. Of course, it would mean reinventing several wheels that are already better represented by Variations; the only property I can think of that would benefit from this is immateriality, since it currently requires a heavy investment in Out of Phase plus the Calcified Deviation.
    It would also help reduce the need for the tons of Variation dots I keep slapping on because I feel they're needed to represent to diverse concepts (ephemeral entities, kaiju, etc.). But then, aside from immateriality, I wouldn't really know where to start with such a mass of options.
    I think this is a good idea! Especially because one of the effects [or deviations] could grant the homunculus Variations in some way, probably with Magnitude based on how many effects you spend on it, or a flat calculation based on the Magnitude of Homunculus or something. That way you don't necessarily need to reinvent the wheel for things better represented by Variations, but also can give the homunculus "cost-breaks" on effects that would be expensive modeled exclusively with Variations. Or making cheaper, less potent alternatives for certain, less sexy Variation effects, such as Carapace's armor.

    But you're right, the mass of options is a problem. Maybe just start with whatever you can think of, share it, and let everyone fill in the gaps with what they think is missing?

    It's not what I set out to do, no, but it is genius and I definitely need to do something with it now. As an alternative, if not a replacement.

    I actually considered a Deviation for Externalized to turn it into a creature instead of an item, but dropped it for being too complex. I didn't for a second consider making it a Scar of its own. So, kudos to your player.
    Sounds like it was useful feedback!

    Again, thank you for the feedback, and also thank you for putting my like... first proper forays into homebrew in your game.
    No problem, and you are welcome! It was fun to play with, even if it had some rough edges. And for our purposes, that was good enough!

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