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Presence (Attribute) rating 7, 9 or even 10 - What does that mean ingame?

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  • Presence (Attribute) rating 7, 9 or even 10 - What does that mean ingame?

    We are going to play a game with the Preview rules of Deviant: The Renegades.

    I'd like to make a social character, eventually with the power "superhuman attribute: presence", which raises the presence attribute above 5, up to eventually 10.
    But I have a hard time to imagine with presence 7 or 9 would be perceived by others ... The rule benefits are obvious, but a human with presence 5 would probably perceived like a mortal superstar that you admire or a billionaire that awes you with his influence ... but 7 or even 9 or 10 ?!? WTF ...

    The rules say:

    Presence is a character’s raw charisma, assertiveness, and
    ability to command. Characters with a high Presence dominate
    a room and are adept at changing people’s thoughts
    and moods.

    Should I imagine it similarly to the VtR discipline Majesty? I mean, not in rule terms, but from in ingame terms.

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    In the vampire requiem book thousand year of night there is a description for every attribute above 5


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      Which page?


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        Originally posted by Christoph+ View Post
        Which page?
        66 and over!