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  • Neat Beat Cheat Sheet?

    Heya Coddites!

    I've scoured the darkest depths of the google, and have had no luck.Does anyone know if a cheat sheet for beats exists anywhere?

    I play in a 20-60 player CoD Larp, and letting folks know and understand what they can get beats for is a huge challenge.



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    To clarify, I'm looking for some kind of collated list of all the things you can earn beats for the game


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      Page 76 in CofD has a list. You'll just have to format it to a printer friendly format. That would also allow you to rewrite anything that may have changed for your LARP format.

      Edit: The other CofD games have their own tables in their own core books that cover sources of Beats specific to those games.

      Bloodline: The Stygians
      Ordo Dracul Mysteries: Mystery of Smoke, Revised Mystery of Živa
      Mage The Awakening: Spell Quick Reference (single page and landscape for computer screens)


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        However, a lot of the tables exclude one or two extra sources of Beats that are only described in other sections, so I can see why a cheat sheet might be useful.

        I don't think one has been produced.