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  • [Deviant: THe Renegades] Inspirations

    Apart from Akira, Orphan Black and The Fly what other media could be inspirational? I'd like to propose the Web Novel Twig, from the same author of Worm, which has for its main characters genetically altered children as its main character, The Umbrella Academy, to show how life in a conspiracy that has fallen apart would look like, and also John Dies at the End if you squint a little.

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    A Certain Magical Index/ Scientific Railgun/ Accelerator/ Dark Matter could also be used as inspiration to some level- the whole Academy City is practically a conspiracy, and no matter how many of their secret projects, laboratories and companies you destroy, new ones would easily take their place. The despair of Misaka in Railgun when she thinks she ruined everything connected to the Sister project only to discover it being rebuilt in a day is good example to how Deviants will feel in the Web of Pain. While espers in that series are much more stable than Deviants, it should be noted that their vast majority will be considered Devoted, are regularly supervised and the stronger their abilities are the less mental stable they become- and that without mentioning all other forms of mad science and strange magic which take place in the series.

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      Though the setting is far from the assumed dark-science-and-conspiracies one of Deviant, Berserk is undoubtedly a Renegade's story. The protagonist, Guts, is a wandering warrior torn between all-consuming hatred and deep, abiding love. After the traumatic and transformative Eclipse, he sets out on a quest to, on the one hand, slay his old companion Griffith, who betrayed and sacrificed their friends for his own ambition, and on the other to protect and perhaps heal his maddened lover Casca, another surviving victim of the Eclipse. On the way, he displays a subtle superhuman strength and, more importantly, a plethora of Scars: berserker rages, single-minded callousness, the inner Beast of Darkness that urges him to act on his worst impulses, and the Brand of Sacrifice that draws restless spirits and bloodthirsty demons to his location night after night. His primary opponents, aside from these demons, are assorted authority figures that get in his way, such as nobles and priests, an order of holy knights dedicated to hunting him down, and the sorcerous soldiers and monsters of an invading empire.

      As a bonus, the early low fantasy setting is a good fit for a medieval world of darkness: dirty, bloody, full of humanity and banality, with the supernatural horrors dwelling in the shadows and only rarely showing themselves.


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        The Witcher perhaps? Both the video games and the novels.


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          I've considered the possibility of running a dark spin on the original Kamen Rider, from the 70's. The basic premise of "A strange fascism and blood-sacrifice based organization is kidnapping people to experiment on them for a supersoldier project, the PCs are a lucky few who escaped after being experimented on, but before brainwashing." Is extremely similar to the basic Deviant origin.

          Shocker's methods of combining cybernetics, bioengineering, and black magic to create monsters that are dangerous even to their own forces, but too useful to stop producing, would fit right in with the CofD setting, in my opinion. Though it would take a few coats of paint and some less-stylized body horror?
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            John Doe. Mysterious man wakes up to find out he has no knowledge of who he is, but also has the entirety of written human knowledge in his head. A conspiracy tries to keep him from figuring out the truth of his past while studying him. He is color blind, but can see somethings important to his past in color. While the show never got a second season John Doe was actually going to be a cultist who volunteered for a project to bring someone from the brink of death. The side effect is that all of life’s mysteries are answered, but you lose all your personal memories.

            Great show. Check it out if you can.


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              Basically you can take almost any superhero, specific or archetype, as inspiration. Iron Man could be an Invasive with Addiction, for example, Superman a Genotypical with a Bane, etc. Deviant is just a flip take on "great power brings great responsibility," in that they simply cannot leave the injury that empowered them to unavenged. Where a traditional supe might try to keep from descending into petty vigilantism, only the best of the Remade ever rise above it.

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