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How 'Bout This for a Splat?

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  • How 'Bout This for a Splat?

    But seriously, I know this ain't an original concept by a long shot. In fact, I've seen someone make a fan-splat of it. However, this thread ain't about me making a splat, I'm just curious to see what y'all think of it. Do you think it's a good idea for a splat? Do you think it would cover new ground? How exactly would you want it? Outer space from other planets and all, or maybe from a mystical realm (shifting a normally sci-fi concept to a fantasy one, in much the same way Descent takes a normally fantasy concept into a sci-fi one)? What sort of obstacles do you see for it, if any? What sort of aliens would you want included or excluded? Little grey eggheads? Xenomorphs? Predator?

    Let's hear it!
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