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Auras and Soul Loss?

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  • Auras and Soul Loss?

    Hello. I was wondering if it has ever been mentioned what happens to a person's aura if they lose their soul. If not, what do you think the effects would be?

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    Mage: The Awakening First Edition lists among the aura signifiers that soulless mortals have an empty void where the aura should be. Whether this means a plain lack of aura (and anything else the aura could read), or a sort of tangible, visible "emptiness" is an exercise in interpretation.

    The former would make sense, though, given that being soulless drains the will and drive from a person, dimming their inner life; one can picture a person who had recently lost her soul having an aura that grows fainter and fainter over time, until it is barely there at all.

    Second Edition doesn't maintain a consistent portrayal of what auras look like objectively, instead opting for powers which mechanically answer questions posed to the Storyteller and are accompanied by examples of synaesthetic feedback through which the answer is inferred. There's generally no one official Second Edition answer for what "angry" or "werewolf" or "doesn't have a soul" looks like metaphysically.
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      The only second edition power that deals with actual auras (as opposed to the innate aura-like power that most supernaturals can use) is the Supernatural Merit Aura Reading, and it describes the information being personalised to the user. Some might see colours and patterns like the 1e aura, while others gain completely different sensory inputs. There is explicitly no standard list of "this emotion or supernatural creature has this colour, qualifier or pattern" in second edition.

      Soullessness shouldn't remove the aura completely (at least not until the last stage where the person basically doesn't have a personality anymore), and I would grant that information if asked if the person is somehow supernatural (since it's a supernatural affliction). I'd describe the aura as muted and weak, which should be apt descriptors regardless of how the person perceives auras.

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