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The Secret Frequency Files is now out on the ST Vault

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  • The Secret Frequency Files is now out on the ST Vault
    The Secret Frequecy Files is collection of story hooks, settings, antagonists and rules updates, for use with Chronicles of Darkness 2nd edition, including Vampire, Mage, Geist, Promethean, and more.

    Within this book is;

    The Tomb of William MacKenzie and a 2nd edition update of the Vampire Bloodline The Architects of the Monolith
    The Alchemist with Ruby Eyes tells the tale of the German Alchemist Johannes Kunckel and includes rules for his ghostly form.
    Devil Dogs is a collection of supernatural threats - Black Dogs - taking the form of cryptids, demons, spirits and Pandorans.
    Mother Island is an overview of the British Island, the Isle of Wight, and how it can be used as a location for stories.

    The Secret Frequency Files is a product of Darker Days Publishing

  • Dr Ether
    You can now get The Secret Frequency Files as part of a Folk Horror Bundle with The Hunger Within, saving you 50% of the price on The Hunger Within.

    Plus Ashes of Memory is on sale until 2020-02-02

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