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Dark Eras- Up to Three [What If Thoughts]

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  • Dark Eras- Up to Three [What If Thoughts]

    No, this is not a thread about "what new Eras we may get in a possible Dark Eras 3 book"

    In Dark Eras 2, we due to expansions gained by backers, some Eras feature 3 different gamelines in them. That made me think "if all of the Eras were expanded into trio of gamelines each, what gamelines would be the most fitting for them?". Here is what I've had in mind, as well as the rational for my choices, but please present your own suggestions in this thread!

    Sundered World (Mage & Werewolf)- while I have an Hunter expansion for this Era in my to-do list, I personally think that Geist would be the best choice. The Underworld is very, very strange in that Era, and the Bound make Bargains with the Chthonians of before mankind instead with the ghosts of humanity. The setting is so radically different from anything we can imagine for a modern game, that it is an excellent opportunity to expand the Bound and the Underworld in new and unexpected ways.

    To the Strongest (Mage)- here I feel I want to say Hunter and Vampire. Hunter because the mix of culture could also mean clash and construction of conspiracies and compacts. The AKD and the Ascending Ones could play prominent roles in that time, and the Vigil must withstand countless of foreign monsters which follow Alexander's path. Vampire could examine the idea of how the strange Clans from the ancient world start interacting with each other, seeing for the first time monsters who are both familiar and strange. There is no concept such as Kindred yet- and many of the Clans could be much more monstrous than their modern versions, yet the Blood still calls to Blood.

    Three Kingdoms of Darkness (Geist & Changeling)- while it is difficult to choose, I think that Werewolf is the best candidate. With the focus around violence, war, and renown, the Forsaken could have a very good setting for fighting the dangers of the spirit world as it goes into chaos and feasts upon the misery of humanity. Promethean is also an option, as seeing how prometheans which were produced by taoist alchemy differ from the standard ones could be interesting, IMO.

    The Wolf and the Raven (Werewolf & Geist)- Beast, definitely. Beast is just the best choice for that Era, as their Horrors draw upon the monsters of norse mythology, and stories echoes through the violence of humanity. Besides, the Era's story in the fiction book was focused on Beasts, so it makes sense.

    After the Fall (Demon)- argh, why do I have to choose? This is my favorite Era, and it has so many awesome things for all gamelines which I just want it to be a fully crossover Era. Like, if I have to, I think I would go with Hunter and Beast, as those two gamelines tie themselves so well with all other gamelines that we could add many of the proposed hooks through the back door- especially Geist (the immortal slasher who takes the eyes of their victims), Mage (who struggle against the AKD) and Changeling (which have to deal with the dream monster which weaves itself from the fall), but I also realllllllly want Vampire, because Dracula makes a cameo in the chapter.. even though Dracula's rise and foundation of the Ordo Dracul would be a part of a later Era, hence why I didn't choose that gameline.

    Beneath the Skin (Demon)- while it also includes Skinthieves, they are not a full gameline so I don't count them :P While going with Werewolf would be natural, it may take the focus from the skinthieves, and as such I would avoid them. Instead, I think that the best choices would be Vampire (Shadows of Mexico anyone? Also- who doesn't want to see a Ceceya writeup and get a lot of weird things about blood magic and such in an Aztec Era?) and Prometheans (the new mesoamerican Lineage makes me very curious about how the Created were born from blood and sacrifice in that time).

    Requiem for Regina (Vampire and Changeling)- while Mage could be a cool choice for this Era, I think that Geist is the best one. I mean, the whole "something is devouring ghosts" is a really great hook, and ghosts stories in London just feel right, IMO.

    Fallen Blossoms (Hunter)- Beast and Changeling, without blinking. Both of those gamelines have such great ties to that Era, with the parliament of monsters and the courts of the matchmakers that I just want those expansions here and now.

    Lily, Sabre and Thorn (Changeling)- as it is one of my less favored Eras, I'm not sure about the best gamelines to add to it. I like the political game concept of Mage, and the Werewolf story hook is also interesting enough to be included for this Era, IMO. Geist could also be an excellent choice, replacing Werewolf I think. Yeah, Geist makes better choice than Werewolf.

    Doubting Souls (Hunter)- While Mage could seem natural, all mages have fled Salem during the hunts (ah ah, foolish hunters!). The whole fiction chapter makes me feel that Demon could be an excellent choice for this Era. The strong presence of the Scarlet Watch also leads me into adding Vampire into the list.

    A Grimm Dark Era (Changeling)- Werewolf, definitely. The fear of lycanthropy seems so strong that they make a natural choice for that Era. With the whole idea that the stories of the Brothers Grimm are mostly meant to "teach lessons", Beasts is also an obvious choice for this Era.

    Ruins of Empire (Mummy)- I think that the whole egyptomania, secret cults and dangerous maneuvers of this Era could provide really interesting for Deviant. The overlap between this Era and events which are important for Mage, such as the formation of the Pentacle, makes this gamelines also as a good candidate..

    A Handful of Dust (Promethean)- Vampire and Geist make excellent additions for this Era, as it emphasis the focus around death and dying, and both gives Geist work at purifying the many dead while vampires feed upon the masses like the parasites they are, adding one more evil to the mix.

    God's Own Country (Geist)- according to the sidebar, both Changeling and Beast have more than expected representatives of their members in New Zealand, and the interactions of the Maelstrom and the Hedge/ Primordial Dream could be intersting, so I would choose those two gamelines.

    Into the Cold (Demon)- Hunter feels like a very natural choice for this Era, with all of the paranoia, the origin of the Loyalists and any potential ties to Valkyrie and their communist parallel. Heck, the chapter is full of Hunter material, and even includes a special sidebar for them, so Hunter is definitely the right choice. As for the third gameline- Mummy feels the most natural, but both Geist and Changeling present much better hooks. Between the two, I think that Changeling would proof itself the more interesting, with the "Golden Age" that the Summer Court has brought.

    Bowery Dogs (Werewolf)- another of my less favored Eras, I think that Mage and the "battle over Wall Street" could be something really fun to add to the Era. Demon and Promethean could both be fine choices, but my vote would go for Deviant- as such a tangled city would work great with the complex Web of Pain.

    Fall of Isireion (Mummy)- even in the sidebar, Mage is suggested as a great material for that Era, and I agree. The clash contrast between Sekhem Sorcery and Awakened Magic with the whole occult obsession could be fascinating to explore. I also must admit that I like the addition of Prometheans to that Era, as the prophecies may lead them to believe that not only Cleopatra goes towards ascension, but that they may achieve their New Dawn.

    Forsaken By Rome (Werewolf)- like, let's admit the truth: Vampire is already sharing this Era with Werewolf with Requiem for Rome. While Rome could host every gameline in it, I'll say that by adding Awakening to Rome as a Mage Era we will complete the Big Three set, which is cool by itself. Demon and Hunter could have also been good options, however.

    The Soulless and the Dead (Vampire and Promethean)- while Geist would feel natural as a part of the "dead three', I'm wary of just throwing those three splats together every time there is a major death. Very tempting, but I think that Demon could be a better choice- especially if we connect the Black Death to the dread Contagion, and the corruption of the God Machine.

    Princes of the Conquered Land (Mage and Mummy)- I personally think that Vampire or Geist could be a nice addition for this Era due to the strange ways they can work their own magic systems into those of Mage and Mummy. As Geist is already mentioned as a part of the Shona culture, I would go with the Bound as the best third gameline.

    Foreboding Lands (Geist)- as I think I am yet to fully embrace a Werewolf game pre modern United States, I think that it would be a great choice for this Era, especially with the concepts from Lily, Sabre and Thorn. Changeling could also be an awesome addition, and the half dead witch things could easily tie to either Werewolf or Changeling instead of the expected Vampire.

    When Horsemen Rode (Promethean)- Beast makes an excellent choice, IMO, especially as the end of times feels as if coming and the Primordial Dream starts consuming the world with hunger. As I have really hard times deciding about a third gameline, I think I would go with Deviant, simply because I really can't see the connection between the two and as such the result could surprise me.

    The Year Without Summer (Promethean)- as the Era focus around literature, I think that Vampire would indeed be an excellent choice for the time, especially if Polidori haven't known any real vampire, and the Masquerade cracks by accident. With Frankenstein's inspiration, I could see that many conspiracies try making experiments of their own- leading to a good place to add Deviant into the Era.

    A Fearful Lesson (Beast)- with the Nameless War, maybe Mage could be a good choice as a an expansion for this Era. Vampire could also be a good option, IMO, or Demon perhaps.

    Lifting the Veil (Second Sight)- as a more or less mortal time, I think that Mage, Geist and Demon could be a good combination for occult obsession of the Second Great Awakening. Mummy could also be a good candidate, but Mage/Geist/Mummy was already a thing.. Maybe Mummy should replace Mage, and as such we would have Mummy, Geist and Demon, and a much greater focus around mortal occultists doing things instead of their Awakened cousins.

    The Master's Tools (Demon)- Deviant is a must, as the old conspiracies break apart and fall, only for new ones to rise from the ruins. Changeling could also be an awesome choice, especially with the story hook about the fall of the monarch and the paranoia among the Lost.

    Hunger in the Black Land (Beast, Werewolf & Promethean)- Complete Set, move along

    The Seven Wonders (Promethean & Changeling)- as the monuments of mankind, Mummy makes the most sense as the third party to the Era. Besides, Pyros/Glamour interactions are so interesting, that I must wonder what happens if you add Sekhem to the mix.

    Arthur's Britannia (Vampire, Hunter and Changeling)- Complete Set, move along

    One Thousand and One Nightmares (Beast & Vampire)- like, the whole setting just feels natural to Changeling. It just feels so natural, and many people advocated for Changeling in that Era.

    Empire of Gold and Dust (Hunter & Demon)- the whole journey of Mansa Musa makes me feel strongly that this should be a Promethean Era, even if it is proposed to be a trap for the Created. Let me correct myself- especially as it is a trap for the Created.

    Light of the Sun (Mage & Deviant)- italian politics and religion? Vampire, without hesitation.

    Rise of the Last Imperials (Hunter & Mummy)- Demon may feel natural, but I would have personally want to explore Deviant in this Era, with the Web of Pain twisting around the actions of the Arisen and the works of hunters.

    The Scandinavian Witch Trails (Mummy & Geist)- I really want to throw Promethean into here, especially as it will detail the Pyrborn and play into the natural paranoia of the Witch Trails.

    The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Mage & Geist)- during the Kickstarter, apparently it was claimed that some people have decided to twist the results of the survey and cause that Era to include Changeling *just for lolz*. While I am happy with having Geist for this Era, and I have voted for it, I still wonder what could have been from Changeling in the Age of Piracy. As such, I'll take that gameline.

    The Reign of Terror (Vampire, Demon and Mummy)- Complete Set, move along... even though that I would have really wanted it to include Mage in the mix.

    Mysterious Frontiers (Mage & Changeling)- in the original proposal, it should have been a Geist Era, and I still support that idea.

    The Great War (Werewolf, Promethean and Geist)- Complete Set, move along

    Fear and the Golden Promise of Tomorrow (Werewolf & Deviant)- I would say Hunter. the whole Era just screams Hunter. Maybe Changeling.

    World's Fair (Vampire)- as we start with those Eras which have never seen the light of day, we have more freedom in here. I think I would have gone with Deviant for the new and amazing inventions, and maybe Promethean as alchemists discover ways to trap the Divine Fire in new ways.

    London Blitz (Innocents)- as a blue book proposal, let's choose Vampire for the Children Crusade, Beast for the fear from the monsters in the dark and Promethean for the hope for a brighter future

    Book of Judges (Hunter)- personally, I would go with Mummy (Judges vs Judges) and Werewolf (the was against the Canaanite and the old gods of the land)

    American Revolutionary War- like, really, no clue. Maybe Vampire, Hunter and Werewolf?

    Wars of Scottish Independence- even less clue and out of my expertise. Werewolf, Vampire and Changeling jumps to my mind, but nothing too solid.

    Spanish Inquisition (Hunter)- I have a clear vision for how this Era should have been, so I would go with Vampire and Mage, with a touch of Inferno.

    WWII in the Pacific (Hunter)- Maybe Werewolf and Geist?

    On the Orient Express (Vampire)- I want to say Geist and Changeling, but not sure why.

    1830 India (Hunter)- Deviant and Demon, I think

    Serpent and the Rainbow (Geist)- Vampire feels right, as well as Demon

    Jazz Age Requiem (Vampire)- Werewolf and Changeling could be cool?

    Epic of Gilgamesh- Hunter, Mage and Deviant would be my choice.

    Mississippi Steamboats- maybe Changeling, Promethean and Werewolf?

    Greco Persian Wars- Mummy, Promethean and Geist?

    Medieval Ireland- Changeling, Werewolf and Vampire, I think

    Voynich Manuscript- Mage, definitely, as well as Demon and Deviant

    Maurya Empire- ammm Demon could be cool, as well as maybe Vampire and Mage?

    well, those are my thoughts on the subject. I must admit that in a number of Eras I was tempted to add a fourth gameline, and on others I draw blank with two. What would you have wanted to see as expansions for those Eras?

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    Light of the Sun has three gamelines. I know, I'm the backer who added Demon to the era about church reform, herasy and knowledge suppression. My other pitch was was for vampire in Last Imperials and I'm not even sure they got to see it. Even then it would be in competition with Arthurian Briton, since each gameline could only be added once.

    For those interested, Werewolf was added to Hunger in the Black Land, Vampire to Arthur's Brittania and Promethean to The Great War. I think Mummy was added to the Reign of Terror, but I'm not sure. It might have been Demon.

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      I'd add Beast to Sundered World, to explore what the splat might have been like in a time long before their stated metaphysical purpose, and that of their antagonist splat, broke.


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        Originally posted by FallenEco View Post
        Light of the Sun has three gamelines. I know, I'm the backer who added Demon to the era about church reform, herasy and knowledge suppression. My other pitch was was for vampire in Last Imperials and I'm not even sure they got to see it. Even then it would be in competition with Arthurian Briton, since each gameline could only be added once.
        Argh, I had a feeling that something was wrong, but for some reason I missed it. Yeah, Demon is the third gameline for Light of the Sun.

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          Oh, that’s a fun idea! I’ll write out my own thoughts before I read the post, but I am very interested in seeing what other people would add and why.

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            Yeah, Changeling fits right in to The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea with its focus on slave rebellion and the price of liberty. I'd be more than happy to see what happens when a "ghost ship" is really a big Token, and how one navigates the Thorns when they're more of the Eighth Sea.

            Really, I'm planning on a survivor from that era showing up, the captain of a legendary ghost ship known for leaving no survivors...among the people he actually hated, the officers of slaving ships. The crew were marooned to spread warning that his part of the sea was not a safe place for plantation owners, and the cargo quietly dropped off in Maroon settlements. He was finally put down when one of said plantation owners sealed his ship mid-transport to the Hedge, but recently he's finally torn free and is calculating ways to prey on modern corporations ("It all looks like slavery to me").


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              Originally posted by Leliel View Post
              Yeah, Changeling fits right in to The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea with its focus on slave rebellion and the price of liberty.
              See also 2e's newly-applied history of the use of "privateer" as a term in the lexicon of the Lost — 1716-17 is right around the point some of those "privateer utopias" were starting to collapse.

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                Originally posted by Satchel View Post
                See also 2e's newly-applied history of the use of "privateer" as a term in the lexicon of the Lost — 1716-17 is right around the point some of those "privateer utopias" were starting to collapse.
                In other words, it seems like it was a fun time to be a changeling, if the old privateers were falling apart. Good point.


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                  I honestly want an entire Sundered World book, but Vampire would be my vote if it really came down to it.

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                    Originally posted by atamajakki View Post
                    I honestly want an entire Sundered World book, but Vampire would be my vote if it really came down to it.
                    Yeah, Sundered World is among my top Eras which I would have wanted as a full crossover setting (together with Rome, After the Fall and Hunger in the Black Land)

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                      God's Own Country: Mage, I think the central clash of two cultures would make the Astral Realms really interesting, and Mages have all the tools to interact with all the existing elements of the setting.
                      ​The state of New Zealand and the Maelstrom essentially feels like a huge mystery, and I was actually more inspired by this setting for Mage as written than some of the historical ones.

                      ​Beneath the Skin: So I would personally spend the time expanding on Skinthieves in the Era, and making them a more central theme in preference to adding another major template, there are some really interesting ideas but it feels a huge amount of work to run Aztec Skintheives right now.(Although as a template built around Mystery Cults I wonder if bringing them
                      into Hunter with a selection of other compacts would be a simple way of expanding them, probably with an selection of groups that was weirder and more towards the Cheiron/Lucifuge end than default Hunter.)
                      ​Vampires in an Era of Blood Sacrifice however does feel really interesting, and I the implications of what that availability of blood does to Vampire Society is fascinating, and a chance to run a really different game.


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                        I think Promethian works well in the wild west era. Large open land don't really need to interact with people except to go to towns. can freely make wasteland out in the scrubs. plus plenty of interesting flavor from gold rush towns to cities like San Francisco.