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    ok refinements to two ideas I allready brought up

    Suggested New Wardens

    The Quarry

    The one that got away Chase him damn it.

    The Quarry Wants to lead a princess deep into the Dream lands where he can be hunted in vain for all eternity.

    The Needy Child

    A Teary eyed orphan starved for love and affection.

    Will often times burst into tears or give a sob story if questioned to closely or regarded suspiciously

    The Doting mother

    Seems nurturing and caring willing to take care of a Royal and become their new parent.

    Underneath of course She feels no affection no empathy only a desire to control the Royal

    Her ward is almost always young but may be male or female.

    The Warlord
    (Am thinking Reconcepting him as an advisor or Counselor to such warlords)
    He come s and lays death and Devastation in his wake.

    He builds a kingdom of Woe in the Dreamlands

    he laughs evilly trying to oppose him is just what he wants.

    Topple his empire that he may build it anew

    Queens former Counselor

    Once he lived in a Queens courrt the Unseen eyes of the Darkness

    Along with his coleagues

    Then when for the First time ever the Queens turned on them By random chance he was able to flee and made it whereas his colloeagues were cut down.

    He hides for now but waits and plans in the fringest to tempt a royal to content themselves with rulership and power in the dreamlands

    They will not realize until it is too late tthat their ‘Domain’ is actually a trap built by him

    For my earlies idea of divination after triumping over Darkness in the Dreamlands.

    Is letting them roll per Omen Sensitivity ok?


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      Reading PDF a bit will make some Errata.

      on page 28 You have "Manipulate the glade" Where im pretty sure you meant "Manipulate the gales" and "His bane still compulses him to do so" it should be ban not bane.

      And it should "In getting around it" Not "To go around it" on how creative he is.

      On page 37 it says "Once your Origin defined" Which I think is a mispelling

      On Hesperas stats it mispells Strix as Stryx.
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        Would you mind if I gave you some hunters for a crossover section?


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          Sure... as I said, I prefer this supplement to focus on Princess antagonists, but I suppose hunters are humans enough that they'd qualify.


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            Hey here's an idea: A new kind of Creature of Darkness born from the freshly dead corpses of extremely evil people. Like a cataphractoi except way less sympathetic and arguable far worst.
            Here are some ideas to make them distinct from other Creatures of Darkness:
            1. They are born from the deaths of unbelievable evil people who committed horrible atrocities in life without a shred of remorse.
            2. They tend to be both saner and smarter than Caraphractoi, being far less prone to delusion and obsession. This allows them to be more efficient in both spreading the Darkness influence and in satisfying their depraved desires.
            3. They are probably the one of the rarest kind of Creature of Darkness in existence due to the special circumstances required for them to come into being. (Being an awful human being, dying an unpleasant death with no remorse for their sins, being untainted by the darkness all their lives)
            4. And what is probably the scariest thing about these monsters is that unlike Cataphractoi they are still the same people they were as humans. The soul is literally grabbed by the Darkness, brought back to its body, altered to remove any remaining potential for goodness in them and placed back into into bodies for a second go at things. This time with supernatural powers.

            Feel free to use and add upon these ideas.


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              So rough ideas for Hunter antagonists.

              An Ascending Ones drug lord. When a trio of Princesses went after his operation, he became a specialist in dealing with such "problems". Organizing his people, he now leads a cell dedicated to stamping out Princesses that try to interfere with the operations of the Cult of the Phoenix, good or ill. Consider this a top-tier threat, since he'll have connections, numbers, and the Ascending Ones endowment of Elixirs.

              A Barrett Commission politico that harbors very deep suspicions about the "good" Princesses claim to serve. After all, Princesses claim to serve another power that runs against several interests the US government has. This is less of a physical threat, and more of a political thriller. The Princesses might have magic, but this is someone that can bring the government down on the Princesses who take her on.

              A Cainite zealot. True, the Cainites are focused on vampires, but they also care little for collateral damage. A Princess trying to solve that problem is going up against what is essentially a Stormite with different rules and abilities, and is definitely going up against a physical threat.

              A Networm Zero video jock who doesn't see Princesses as needing to hide. After all, the Princesses are doing good, so why should they hide? This isn't a violent threat, but certainly misguided. He isn't trying to harm Princesses or innocent people, but his devotion to "The Truth" is going to get people hurt if it hasn't already.


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                Some more ideas on hunters?

                A Member of the stars of bethahem who say works a dayjob as a teacher?

                Desperately trying to help "The children" Yearning for a gratitude she will never know

                She takes a dim view of "Enablers" Any beacons Sworn Secret keeper or hopeful working jobs such as teacher police officer or social worker as it makes it harder for the Stars to compete with her.

                A Magister say of humble origins who grew up in the slums. And views themself as stronger for clawing their way to the top.
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                  I am 100% down for playable Cataphract. I was sad the first book didn't have the rules for them(even if I got why it did not).


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                    This still going on? Life, and COVID prep, sidetracked me.

                    I also recently played Omori, and I have an idea for a set of linked antagonists: effectively, a male version of Aubrey as a Swords or Storms obsessed with the memory of a dead lover and who never moved on, while a Dreamlander produced by grief and survivor guilt of said lover's sister and seeks to go Amanojaku to Torment her. Said sister is technically also an antagonist, but a non-combatant; her danger is her nightmares.


                    • one issue worth noting would like to ask on what its like in a consecrated place with an attached Ofuda if theirs a princess living there or a stockpile of seeds there?