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1001 CofD Plot Hooks

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    Originally posted by Krat05 View Post
    26) Any of the splats/gamelines/etc. dealing with Covid-19 or some other disease of equal severity.
    Note that this disease should be non-supernatural & not be a Contagion (possibly, I don't actually know what the qualifies a disease as a possible Contagion, but I'd like to keep away from this being automatically a Contagion).
    It’d certainly make covering up their activities harder, and they’d have to become more reliant on technology to stay in contact without blowing their covers (or Covers, in the case of the Unchained).


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      27) A bunch of people get hit by a surge of energy. This causes them to, at random times, in one group, enter some other place &/or time. Quickly establishing that any injuries they incur while in one of these other places/times, you must survive wherever you find yourselves in & search for a way to stop this from happening.
      ● I'm primarily looking at Dark Eras for these other places/times, but not limiting myself to that.