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  • Vexing Villains & Fearsome Foes

    This thread is an primarily an ideas thread for antagonists, though I have no objections to mechanics being provided.
    With that out of the way, let's get right into it.

    Once Upon a Time a wolf-blooded was captured & tortured by the Pure. The Forsaken pack he was attached to apparently abandoned him to his fate. In this mess he underwent his First Change. When he came to, he joined one of the Forsaken Tribes, but now secretly hating both Pure & Forsaken, sought out & found the Maeljin.
    These days he wanders the land, seeming to help any Forsaken pack he comes across but furthering the Maeljin agenda behind their back.
    He recently came upon his daughter for the first time since his Change. She has gone through the First Change & joined a Forsaken Tribe. He worries what will happen to her once the Maeljin inevitably win & plans to make her a Bale Hound. Just like him.

    A vicious wolf-blooded who has been described as being less human than the average zi'ir by the survivors of encounters with him.
    Whatever his Tell was, he was not happy with it & desired to possess the Tell of his younger sibling. He searched for a way to make this happen. He found a way. By consuming the heart of a wolf-blooded, he can learn their Tell. By this point he has nearly twenty Tells & shows no sign of slowing down or stopping.
    Disturbingly, he appears to not be picking up the downsides to every Tell that he picks up.

    An azarath whose fangs drip with venom that poisons the Gauntlet, causing it to wither & die. No Gauntlet thickening webbing.

    A small swarm of beshilu that thicken the Gauntlet, closing any holes. They do this by digging away at certain points causing what can described as the Gauntlet equivalent of cave-ins, which somehow results in the Gauntlet becoming thicker.

    Baalphegor, the King of Gluttony, one of the "lesser" Maeljin. It plans to manifest itself in the Gurihul & begin a feast of physical matter. It is mere weeks from realizing its dream, or at least the part where it manifests.

    A Hound of Wrath, an Asah Gadar in service to Asmodai, the Maeljin of Wrath. They are an angry, hurt, young wolf & believe that the world is breaking & that the only right thing to do is to make it break faster so that peoples pain will end. When they come into a region tempers are shorter & kuruth is easier to fall into.

    An Ivory Claw that ran a Nazi concentration camp back in the day. She bought the Nazi party line in full & to this day still espouses Nazi beliefs, brutally enforcing them on her fellow Pure & anyone else that catches her attention.

    A Scelestus who has decided to create five new Proximi lines, each one tied to the Abyssal reflection of a different Watchtower. They've already got one of these lines made & sent out into the world.
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    A Forsaken pack that is secretly comprised of five Bale Hounds. One is a follower of Lakh'ma. One is a follower of Igsh'ma. One is a follower of Shad'ma. One is a follower of Bhal'ma. One is a follower of Ghar'ma.
    It used to be that they were all of the Corrupted level, but one has recently risen to the level of the Defiled. This has not really changed their actions, they still wander the land furthering the Maeljin agenda.
    Their greatest loyalty is not to the Maeljin that each one of them serves, nor is it to Soulless Wolf who acts as intermediary between the Maeljin & the Bale Hounds. Their greatest loyalty is to each other, they are more than a pack, they are a family.

    A despotic Ventrue Prince who's managed to achieve six+ dots in Dominate.

    An Insatiable who hates the Begotten because of the fact that their Hunger can be sated, while its own cannot. It takes out this hatred by targeting the loved ones of any Begotten it can identify.

    A magath of lune & helion.

    One of the Cheiron Group's hunters who now possesses five Cortical Adaptations, one per Thaumatechnology dot.
    How did this happen? That is an excellent question, but one for another day. The first priority is hunting down & eliminating the hunter. It turns out that having five cortical implants at once causing any & all inhibitor chips to be overloaded & stop working. They have a mixture of Skill Specialities taken from the various implants, plus every Talent & sadly only half the Frailties of the slashers that their implants come from.

    A female rokhan that has a mostly human body with a layer of fur covering it. Her feet are a mixture of rat feet & human feet. She has a whipcord rat tail. Her face is human with some rat features stuck on top. Her hatred of Uratha manifests as her building anti-Uratha cults out of wolf-blooded, & then abandoning them when the wolves start to close in on her.

    An individual member of the Leopard/Tiger Host that has learnt to acquire Nightmares by eating the hearts of Begotten. Is this a unique power or can any member of the Leopard/Tiger Host potentially do this?

    A spirit of those deep dark desires that you shove inside yourself & pretend aren't there.
    Its bane is to be attacked by someone who doesn't pretend those desires aren't there.
    Its ban is that it cannot act upon or against someone who publicly admits to such desires.
    It feeds upon any spirits born from people feeding those desires.

    A mighty mulhithim, a herald of the gas giant Jupiter who has decided that Jupiter is now to far away to be served anymore. It has consumed storm spirits & spirits of sovereignty, & now believes that it deserves to rule this slice of the terrestrial Shadow.
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      A corrupt kindred Sheriff who ruthlessly enforces the status quo, allowing no new ideas to grow strong enough that they impact the local All Night Society.

      An Ordo Dracul Mekhet with ties to the Yakuza (he was a Yakuza when alive). He actually runs a local Yakuza. At some point he found an artefact that retards the rising of his blood potency, which gives him an immunity to torpor in a roundabout way. He is in the process of creating a Coil that replicates what this artefact does.

      A young kindred who has the unusual, potentially unique, ability to possess different powers by drinking the blood of any other supernaturals. What power they get depends on the supernatural but every one of these powers born from stolen blood is temporary, so the neonate has to go back for more.


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        A Daeva that has fallen in love with an Uratha. Its love is the toxic love of an abuser & stalker.

        A hybrid lune with five faces, one for each phase of the moon. These five faces constantly argue with each other as to the proper course of action, leading many a Forsaken pack to their doom.


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          One of the Halaku, the Crow Host, who assumed hybrid status with the body of a Poe fan. It became obsessed with recreating events from his works, just so it could watch the fallout.


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            Would it be okay if the rest of us provided Ideas? And are antagonists for/from fan-made game-lines, like Djinn: The Binding, Genius: The Transgression, Princess: The Hopeful and so on, suitable?


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              Originally posted by TerrorCooper View Post
              Would it be okay if the rest of us provided Ideas? And are antagonists for/from fan-made game-lines, like Djinn: The Binding, Genius: The Transgression, Princess: The Hopeful and so on, suitable?
              Absolutely to both your questions.


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                Thanks! Just thought I’d ask before I, or anyone else on these forums, for that matter, started posting when you didn’t want us to, or material you didn’t want on it.


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                  An Iron Master Irraka, corrupt businessperson, & corporate predator. They ruthlessly control the business by any means necessary.

                  A solipsistic super-psychic.

                  A Methuselah ghoul beholden to no kindred master.

                  A zi'ir with unbridled hate for shartha. Unburdened by any sense of morality, it wages its own private war upon them.

                  A Begotten of no identifiable Family. It is born of sunlight, fire, & frenzy. It has a taste for the fears of vampires.

                  A vicious Bale Hound that appears to serve Lakh'ma, or maybe Igsh'ma, perhaps Shad'ma. For all intents & purposes the identity of its Maeljin patron changes as easily as breathing.


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                    An Uratha who has become addicted to Essence healing. They ruthlessly harvest Essence for this purpose from whatever sources possible.


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                      A psychic vampire dhampir vampire hunter who doesn’t limit themselves to vampires. The result of a venture mother who pushed her too far she has extensive experience at killing supernatural creatures and abilities outside what most of her targets expect. Her upbringing has resulted in her taking every obstacle as her fault or a personal insult and generally sets unreasonably high standards for herself however she is almost as good as she insists she should be.


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                        An extremely hostile ghost whose only anchor is the Internet.

                        A Begotten who's come to the conclusion that the world needs greater numbers of Begotten & has acquired a ritual that can force Devourings in large groups of people. They wander from region to region, leaving new, untaught Begotten in their wake.

                        A Hero who's learnt to "devour" Atavisms that they've recently seen being used, allowing them to temporarily use them themselves.

                        A number of night terrors from the Primordial Dream that have learnt how to possess people.

                        A mad, giggling, fanatical prophet of the Fire-Touched who "leads" a holy crusade against the Forsaken.


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                          A number of Conspiracies that have come to exist symbiotically with each other, to the point that they’re more akin to differing departments in a corporation or sects within a religion, than merely co-dependant allies. They spread their conjoined influence across the globe, seeking to assimilate all other conspiracies and claim any deviants they encounter.


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                            The archetype of a hunter of animals. It (appears to be male) has developed a hunger for hunting human-animal shapeshifters. It is devoid of any kind of morality. It has a power that it can invoke to try & force a shapeshifter to run from it. Any shapeshifters that succumb to this power will end up dying by its weapons, this is inevitable.

                            A monster that hunts & kills Uratha in the process of going through the First Change, devouring the Change in the process. No one knows how it can identify it's prey.

                            A Soul Eater that has adapted to consume the Horrors of Begotten in place of souls.