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Size Matters - Extraordinary Size in CofD

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  • Size Matters - Extraordinary Size in CofD

    So, due to various reasons I find myself in need of a system for managing and mechanizing very large (up to Size 100) creatures in CofD, with a relative minimum of game-breakage. Does any such system exist, or faling that does anyone have any ideas as to how it might be made.

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    What part is it that's troubling you? Is it the raw numbers (like the 100+ Health), or is it more about how they interact with the world around them?


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      Generally speaking, your best bet's going to be representing whatever abilities you want a Very Large Creature to have from its Size as Dread Powers, Numina, or other special qualities, at least in those cases where the creature in question can't simply be treated as scenery and a source of environmental hazards.

      Having a bunch of extra Health is already a substantial boon, and there's a reason things of that scale are seldom addressed with character-sized mechanics.

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        Or take cues from Storypath system and just give Scale trait to large beings, that affect the dicepools used by them and against them. Link to whole discussion about it. Here is Storypath Rules Preview for free. And here is main gist of using Storypath Scale for CoD games.
        Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
        I have enemy on closest session that comes straight from PCs action - fire spirit coming from their creation of great fire in village. And I wanted to test some Storypath mechanics. So I thought I will use Scale Size mechanics, with spirit that is few stories tall. With Uratha werewolves still being Scale 0 and spirit being Scale 2 ( few stories building ), I get it right that spirit will do Scale 2 effects to werewolves? ( Spirit's Scale 2 - Uratha Scale 0 = Scale 2 effects )

        So the spirit will do 5x rolled damage to them - or +4 to any damage roll? I still do not get Scale good enough.
        Originally posted by Mateus Luz View Post
        By Storypath scale, the spirit will gain 4 enhancements and cause up to 2 extra injuries (what I would translate as a +4 damage) on a direct attack. But as a Scale creature we could use the Shockwave tag (targeting an area), causing regular damage (without the +4) on anyone on close range of the main target.

        The werewolves would have an issue to attack, the scale add it’s value as a enhancement on defence (what I would add as armor, reducing the damage the spirit receives from each attack by 2), reducing a lot the effective damage the spirit receives from each of the attacks.

        The scale 2 spirit is basically the last size they could target, after that (scale 3, the size of a apartment building or a blue whale) the spirit is just too big for regular claws, and they would need a heavy weapon to at least hurt the spirit a little, like a big harpoon, or an anti tank machine gun.

        Edit: just to add a comment, I didn’t play COD, but I played a lot WoD, and I see it’s close enough to guess, but the bonus could be wrong as there are differences between the way a increase in the damage may affect.
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          Leviathan (a fan-made game) has rules for such a thing in Chapter 4, the short of it is that if you want to fight Godzilla, you best be armed appropriately.