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  • A Slasher for your consideration

    Apologies before.. when the thought hit me, I had to write it...

    “City Police were at the scene of yet another killing in Old City tonight, where there has been a rash of killings over the last few months. A new serial killer has been is marking its mark. The police are unsure how it picks its victims, but are noting that most seem to be those who are generally are considered of a trusting nature, leading investigators to believe it preys on this to gain their trust and get close for the kill. Tonight’s tragedy has seen a family of four taken…”

    4hrs ago..

    Emily was annoyed at her dad, again. She knew he was a nice guy and just wanted to help, but this was going too far. He had evidently run into some new guy who worked at his company who was frequently seen as a loner and largely ignored because he was, well, weird. Her dad had invited him home for dinner and a beer to see if he could make him more at “home”. The guy was nothing to look at, gawky, thin, dark haired with a average face, and a low voice. He wore a simple grey suit with red tie. He was quiet at dinner but had an infectious smile that just seemed to make everyone laugh and smile as well. Then her dad had invited him to stay and have a beer, which lead to two or three and then an invite to crash on the couch.

    It was just after one in the morning and Emily hadn’t been able to sleep, so she’d gotten up to go get something to drink. She was going down the hall and looked in on her younger sister and saw a dark stain on the bed. She’d run over and discovered her throat had been slit. She’d run into her parent’s room only to find them also dead, throats cut. Terrified she’d run into her own room and locked the door, then grabbed her phone to try to call 911, but someone had popped it open and removed the battery. She heard movement and saw the closet door was open, a figure emerged, a long knife help in one hand. The white shirt under the grey suit had a couple red stains, and he smiled that toothy grin as he looked at her.


    “Bean.” Came the low voice as he move in suddenly on her before she could scream.

    This came to me after I saw a blurb on the new Fresh Prince reboot, and how it was now going to be all dark, gritty and drama intense.. no humor and I thought that is like making Mr. Bean into a slasher tv show, like Dexter, then thought, wait a second and looked at a pic of Bean and thought… yeah… that would work. Sorry if I just ruined Bean for you, but this is the Chronicles of Darkness afterall… :P

    Apologies to Mr. Atkinson.
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    You were so preoccupied with whether you could, you didn't stop to think whether you should. Thank you.

    We were supposed supposed to shoot that, right?


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      So now I am thinking .. what type of Slasher is he?


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        Charmer for sure

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