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List of generic Aspirations/Goals and Backgrounds for NPCs?

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  • List of generic Aspirations/Goals and Backgrounds for NPCs?

    I am looking for/attempting to make a list of generic Goals/Aspirations and possibly Backgrounds to help me flesh out NPCs on the fly.

    Basically, I'd like to have a simple list to use, either as a random NPC generator or as a guideline, to help me have a rough idea of who the NPC is, how to roleplay her, make her unique and have a basis upon which to improvise.

    I'm using the term Goal to avoid having the concept of Aspiration bias too much. I'm mostly concerned about having a Goal as a roleplaying guideline. If a PC uses a supernatural power to read a random NPC's mind and wants to know her Aspiration, then the Goal can help come up with a more specific short-term or long-term Aspiration.

    The list should be generic enough to be flexible and adapt to context, but with enough detail to be almost ready to use. I think the list size should range between 10 and 20 entries.
    For instance, vague motivations like "Love" "Revenge" may be too generic. On the other hand, on the net, I can only find "100+ random goals and backgrounds" which are too detailed (and usually D&D-specific).

    The reason I'm asking this here is not because I'm lazy (maybe a little bit), but because
    1. I expect someone else already came up with something similar. Couldn't find it on the forum though.
    2. If not, this thread may become a discussion on creating such a list. Would short-term goals be more useful or long-term ones? What would be the right balance between generic and detailed? Do you think inexperienced storytellers may benefit from something like this? etc.
    FYI, so far, I use this "template" for fleshing out an NPC:
    Virtue and Vice (for the sake of simplicity, I use the old 7 sins and 7 virtues. My priority is having something quick and simple).
    Profession (using the list from the Professional Training Merit).
    1 random Skill (may represent a hobby, personal interest, a third asset skill, etc. Something to "add color" to the NPC and make her more unique)
    I think adding a Background and Goal would be the last step to help flesh out the NPC.