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[Storytellers Vault] Dark Eras - Autumn of Terror

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  • [Storytellers Vault] Dark Eras - Autumn of Terror

    I'm currently working on my very first Storytellers Vault product and to make the best product possible, I need your input. You can help me get a better understanding of the player base and what you would like to see by filling in this Google Form questionnaire, which will take 5 to 10 minutes at most. All data collected will be 100% anonymous and you are able to skip any and all personal questions, only the questions related to the product I'm designing are mandatory.

    The questionnaire will be about a would-be Dark Eras product called the Autumn of Terror, a module I'm developing about the infamous Whitechapel murders committed in 1888 by a serial killer who became known as Jack the Ripper. Like most Dark Eras products, the module will contain hooks for 2 different Chronicles of Darkness splats. Which splats? That will depend on your vote! How do you vote? By filling in the questionnaire!

    Thanks in advance!

    Link to the Google Form: