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    Hey I saw the Seven Wonders fetches can walk the pilgrimage like Prometheans. I am going to ask how mechanically it works with refinements, do they get access to the Transmutations of the refinement in question? If not then what does all of this mechanically do for them ignoring that they can learn Goblin Contracts(that being the only clear mechanical change I can see)

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    DE2 doesn't detail Fetches having access to Transmutations. The narrative of Refinements and Roles remains a guiding force, but otherwise a Fetch is relying on fairy powers for their quest.

    The Playing the Fetch section is not very big.

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      There are also a lot of questions about integrity/pilgrimage, azothic memory and vitriol.
      In the thread FetchQuest - Playing a Fetch in the Miasma of Pyros and Glamour the creator tried to homebrew a solution.
      Personally i m wondering if it would not be simplier to make the fetch transform into an extempore during its first contact with the azoth or while in a branded throng with a promethean, with maybe a bestowment that let it learn Goblin contracts