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​Warren's Surging state of Deviancy

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  • ​Warren's Surging state of Deviancy

    Anyone care to Stat Warren from The Surge as a member of the Broken? I'm thinking that his Clade would be Invasive, but I'm unsure what his Origin would be (though he most definitely wouldn't be one of the Born, and maybe not one of the Elect).

    Everything else other than him having the Distinctive Appearance Scar in one form or another (because having an Exo-Rig grafted on/into you when no-one else does is pretty damn f£*^@g DISTINCTIVE, no matter what you claim otherwise) is pretty much open season for you lot.

    I care not if his Variations, Adaptations, Scars, Deviations, Form(s) (if you wish to add such in), Merits, etc, etc are 'canonical' (as in actual content of the rulebooks) or fan-made (as in someone on here or elsewhere on the 'net/webs concocted it (so long as it follows the standard layout and Variation/Adaptation/Scar creation rules)), so long as you can all agree on them, follow the Character Creation process and stick with the premise I've already laid out as best as you can.
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