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  • Dr. Fredrickstein's Lost Notes [Just For Fun]

    [Note- my mind is a bit blanked lately and I need some writing exercise in order to restart it, as well as just having some place to just posting some random thoughts I have about the CofD universe in a non conditional way (not to mention that I have watched way too much Gravity Falls during the last week), and while I have considered restarting the blog it is not that the blog reaches to a wider audience than the forums here, so this is a thread just for me to go wild, write some plot hooks and setting material, and overall just have fun. Hope you will like it]

    Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me?

    If someone is receiving
    this message, I would like to interduce myself- my name is Dr. Aharon Fredrickstein. You may have read a few of my papers about non equilibrium thermodynamics and statistical interpertations for quantum mechanics. I must admit that most of my work have not been well recieved by my collegues- claiming it to be too "extreme" and "not well grounded in the current physics". But that's because they don't know. That's because they don't understand. But I do- and I hope that through those messages, you will too.

    The truth is that I owe the supernatural much more than I should- if it wasn't for it, I would have probably lost my funding and my job in the university. Thankfully, while my "real" research was not well recieved, my work in the field of occult sciences did draw the attention of like minded individuals. They call themselves the "Null Mysteriis", claiming that they wish to understand the laws of the unseen world through the scientific method, bringing order to the chaos and describe the indescribable
    . Apperently, one of my papers about how the use of chemical potential have drawn their attention, as it weirdly explained how ephemereal entities manifest themselves in our world. During that time, of course, I knew nothing about the darkness which hides in our world, but when they made contact with me they had enough evidence to, at the very least, make me consider that their claims may be actually justified. That's how my search after occult knowledge has started. During that time, I thought that it was merely a coincidence- after all, how could it be that some discussion about purely scientific concepts such as diffusion and entropy would be able to perfectly explain how ghosts and spiris possess their poor victims? However, the more that I dived into the darkness, the more that I started to wonder about the subject- for it seems that while my "real science" was shaky at best, my occult science theories have shown themselves way too perfect. Why? Why am able to have such a strange intuition about the darkness? Is it a gift? A curse? Maybe, just like how my collegues claim, we can use science to perfectly describe the supernatural. And maybe someone - or something - have planted those thoughts in my head. After all I have seen, how can I know that my mind is still my own?...

    However, I transgress
    . I didn't worked so heard to send this message through an encrypted infrastructure just in order to complain about my poor life choices and how the world beyond has shattered any semblence of normal life that I had. I came here to talk about science. You see, I know that there are other, like minded individuals out there, people who, like me, have felt that they can almost understand things that other people can't yet they have never found their place in the world. Some have went mad, others have tried to find a place for themselves as artists and philosophers, cultists and scientists. Those people who are drawn to the other side could very well be the key which is required in order for humanity to finally understand the secrets which are hidden in plain sight- yet the just as they are drawn to the darkness, the darkness is drawn towards them as well. Too many of those poor souls are being lost inside of it with no way out- and this is why I am here. I want to let those people to know that they are not alone, and that instead of searching for answers in the depths of the world, they could bend together and avoid doing terrible mistakes. Mistakes that I have did. Is it my ego, which makes me think about myself as being wortyhy to guide those lost souls? Or is it my own guilt? I don't know- but I worth that whatever the reason may be, at the very least it would, indeed, make some difference for those people

    Entering this world of darkness is a risky thing, and as such I want it to be clear that if you are getting this message and you do not wish to continue, it is fine. Perhaps you are even thinking this whole thing is a joke, and if you think so- good. Erase this message, ignore the others, don't even look on them. Don't think about them. Don't let the things in the night to know you have caught a glimpse of them- because they hate to be seen. Yet if you believe me, and you wish to continue, I can't urge you enough- don't dive too deep. Don't allow yourself to be consumed by the world beyond. Study the supernatural, learn it, research it- but don't let it take over you. I have seen too many of my peers who got consumed by the darkness, becoming a part of it. It could be that it is already too late, that you yourtself are already a part of the darkness. It may that you are even interested in studying the supernatural from the inside, and you wish to share your own understandings about it. In that case, please feel free to share your threories through this encryption. I was promised that no one will be able to track those messages, and I am gambling on my own life while using it. If, however, you wish to silence me, allow me to warn you in advance- I have seen more than you can imagine, and I know you more than you know yourself. Come after me, and know that your own existence is at risk. I have my own allies in the darkness, and I have my own guarantees to make sure that in case that you will manage to put your hands (or claws, or tentacles) on me, silence will be the last thing you'll ever gain for doing so.

    Right, so after clearing that, we can actually start talking about something interesting, I think.

    Et lux in tenebris lucet. Time to bring the darkness to the light.

    In my research for the supernatural, while I have fending for my life and soul against horrors which can not be described, I have came to a single conclusion- that something in the very fabric of our world is flawed. Countless different cults have countless different explanations for it- they claim that God is dead, or that we are dead and that we live in Hell. They speak about the Lower Depths, or the Abyss, or the Dark Mother or the Judges or the strange God Machine. They blame and worship countless of different gods and powers, begging them to spare them, to love them, to forgive them, to consume them. They are wrong. They are right. Our world is flawed, but those things that they worship are not the cause- they are the symptoms. Not even the so called "Contagion", as deadly as it may be, is not the actual reason for why our world is broken. No, the world is broken because it is the law of our universe. It was created flawed, and it is defined accordingly.

    Accepting this truth is fundmential in order to understand the global mystery which is the darkness- our world is flawed and broken, just like how regular science claim. We call it "the Second Law of Thermodynamics", attemtping to use fancy scientific words in order to describe this basic truth- but we all know how it express itself in the world- things break, but they do not fix themselves. The world rots, and life desperatly try to fight the draw towards the below. Our world breaks apart at each and every second, and we take it for granted- but that is not true only for mundane physics. The laws of the supernatural work accordingly- and when occult forces decay and rot, the consequences are much more chaotic and less predictable than those provided by the other rules of physics. After all, the number of twisted configurations presented by the supernatural is much, much greater than the one described by the laws of physics, for the supernatural allows for things which regular physics does not- like reviving the dead, or the transformation of people into beasts, or the existence of alien horrors from beyond the walls of our world. And once supernatural energies fall down and decay, the world itself screams in pain, birthing strange entities which should not exist.

    My experience with those horrors have taught me one thing- that as weird as it may be, there is logic within the chaos. The supernatural swirls and twists out of control constantly, but there is something to guide it- some mechanism which could be described. I mean, we have just accepted that the darkness follows the same basic principles as regular science, it just express them differently. That means that just like how the laws of thermodynamics describe the fate of our universe, those laws - or some similar laws - exist in order to describe the behavior of supernatural parameters, which utilize energy like every other system. As such, just like how each of the universal constants which describe our universe are bound together - gravity, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism and special relativism - the different phenomena that are created from the supernatural are, too, tied together by some strange, universal laws. Of course, tying those laws together is easier said than done- we are still struggling in our own , mundane science to do so - but it does not mean it can't be done. It only means that there are a set of universal parameters, each of them governing some kind of supernatural property, which define the overall existence of every strange entity which ever walked our world, and there should be a way to combine those different theories, we could combine the universal theory of supernatural forces with the universal model of mundane physics, and one and all will be tied together. KETER will be achieved. The goal will be reached. The lkBca nSu will be nOepde. YIGGDRASSIL WILL BLOOM AGAIN NINE WORLDS ARE WATCHING MISS ME MISS ME MISS ME??!??!

    Well, I am sorry about that. It seems to be some bug in the encryption. I was warned that some malfuncting is possible- let's just hope that it is just that and nothing else.

    Anyway, while the so called "supernatural theory of all" is far from being complete, ny research have made some great progress towards it- according to it, all of those grand entities which the supernatural beings of the world believe in - the Blood, Gaea, Father Wolf, the Chthonic Gods, the Exarchs, the Devourer and others - are "just" physical representations of the universal constants of the supernatural world. Each of them dictates its own "fate", its own subsect of occult physics which dictates how the world function when their presence is dominant. Just like how quantum phenomena start to emerge when the object is contained within its own wavelength, and how thermodynamics comes into action when the number of particles become large enough, so each of those godlike entities represents its existence when their parameters become dominant over the others. However, those parameters simply represent different sides of the overall story- and it is only by understanding how those constants work together with one another, and how they seperate themselves from each other, that we can gain a compelte understanding of the multiverse that we live in.

    Taking this into account, I wish to return to my first claim in this message- that this world is broken. This world is flawed, and each of those constants represents a different way in which that fundmential truth is correct. However, that truth is a constant by its own right- it is something which describes how, when and where all of those constants exists, and how they can be unified together. Contacting this elusive entity, that original power of ruinf which created our world from the shadows and the void, has become my greatest mission in mys life- for by proving that it existis, I can prove my claim that there is a unified parameter which created both the mundane and the supernatural. That the lla si eno. That there is a meaning for our overlal 3xisten-S. And I did it. I managed to find the Lost Constant. The one point which gives meaning to everything.

    Constant of unity. Constant of nothing.

    How did I managed to find this constant is not important- not now, at least. However, it was my greatest achievement as a scientist- and my greatest failure as a human being. The constants, after all, are not simply constants. They are alive. They are sentient. They hunger and want and yearn and seek and hate. They hate so much. THAT hates us more than anything in the world. It created us to be hated. The others are different- they can love, or feel compassion from time to time, especially the lower, less universal constants. Yet the absolut constant hates us, despise us. It wished us to destroy ourselves, and every time that we fight against the darkness and manage to rise, it hates us more. It wants us to be destroyed yet it enjoys our suffering. This is the truth of out world. We were created to be hated. There may be a loving god out there- but it is not the reason. No, we were made to suffer.

    I was barely able to handle the truth- such a great, pure hatred is too much for the mortal mind to handle. Thankfully, I was well equipped before I made my discovery, and I had friends to help me recover from the experience. Please, I ask from you, do not lose hope- while the universal Law dictates that the universe hates our existence, it does not mean we do not have the right to exist. There are powers out there which work against the Universal Law- heck, some of them even try to change it! I can't imagine they will success, but just like every breath we take is a war against entropy, every little bit of happiness that we have is a part of our war against the Universal Law. I have theories which show that we can defeat the Universal Law in its own game, yet I am too warry of detailing those theories in this message. Perhaps in the future- but all I ask from you is to not lose hope. My friends in the Null Mysteriis do not believe me, of course. They think I am delusional- but my advances in the research are too great fror them to simply disregard my theories and hypothesis. That's the nice thing about science- we can test our theories, and up until now, none of my peers have managed to disprove my theory.

    Now, I think that the time for this mesdsage has almost run out- I can only use this encryption for a specific time before the OTHERS will notice. I do hope that the next message will detail things which are less pessimistic
    and focus more around the scientific truth of out world, yet when the very laws of nature hates you personally, it is hard to ignore them. This is a dark world, after all, and as it is defined to the very fabric of the universe, we can't just ignore it. If, however, any of you have any questions about specific parts of our existence, be it the undead, witches or even the gods themselves, please leave them here and I will answer them the best as I can, for even if they are outside of my area of expertise, I have other contacts which could help in dealing with your question. Curiosity is they key for knowledge. jbypvzpaf ohcl rpsslk aol jha.

    Good night to you all. Please, stay safe, and remember- we all carry our own light, whether we know it or not.

    You must remember it. I must remember it.

    izuog ahxqf enwoq oyttb auvbx​.

    [so yeah, I am going to make some other "message from Fredrickstein", but if you want me to talk about something specific, just let me know]

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    Hello doctor, I am a gentle listener that has attempted to contact you for the first time. Please do not think too hard on why you instinctively guessed the solution to the one time pad encryption in my message, lets just say the dragon's eye is farsighted and watches over you. But enough pleasantries, let us proceed onwards to the questions.

    You postulated that the universal constant has a stronger grip on reality, but is undermined by the minor axioms. Where then does the Nemesis Continuum come from ? It is insidious knowledge that overrides fundamental laws, in some cases to the benefit of the subject. In a rare occurrence, lifelong exposure made reintegrating subjects into standard reality more difficult, but they had attained a certain level of alternative normalcy within its bounds, what explains this seemingly random modus operandi?

    As a followup question, where does Pyros, the Divine Fire, fall in this spectrum ? Its manifested by the exaltation of life, so would its scions not be favored by the empathetic laws ? Yet all laws reject it vehemently, even the neutral ones. It is only through diligent corroboration that the altruistic laws favor and intercede in favor of the subject. So if its treated like a virus upon the great machine, what is it and where does it come from?

    Stay your course, others are using your insights to fight the corruption, to defy entropy every day.
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      Greetings, Dr. Fredrickstein. I hope that this transmission finds you in (relatively) good health. Within communication channels of this sort of nature, I go by the name ‘TerrorCooper’.

      I’m not a scientist. Well, not one in the same way that Null Mystriis or yourself are. I’m more of an Investigative Researcher. My self-appointed task, as described by a rather, Poetic, friend of mine with a rather intense interest in geology is to delve into the caves, tunnels, caverns and mineshafts of the Darkness that surrounds us in search of Ore-veins of Data and Aquifers of Information/Lore for geologists to study. Now, let us move to the matters at hand.

      Thanks to a series of… incidents, I’ve managed to learn something of the so-called ‘God-Machine’ which those known as the Unchained combat. Namely that it has existed long enough, and has sufficient knowledge/understanding/comprehension of ‘Occult Physics’, as the Unchained call the subject, to have apparently hacked the Laws of Physics themselves to benefit its servants. Let the implications of that sink in.

      I also have a query; how would you explain the various ‘Other-Realms’ such as the Hedge, Arcadia, the Hisil, the Underworld and others?

      May your data be accurate, your calculations true and your experiments reliable.

      TerrorCooper, signing out.

      [Note- This is a rather interesting premise that I’ll be keeping my eye on. Also, quick question; will you be involving fan splats in this such as Princess: The Hopeful, Genius: The Transgression, Leviathan: The (Tempest/Cult Chronicles), etc in this, or should we stick to the ‘canon’ game-lines? Just curious.]


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        Doctor, despite the varied experiences you've had with the supernatural, you remain intact mentally. As a hunter of 3 years, I've seen people break who, unlike you, never seeked to understand any of this madness. How is it you have delved so deeply without losing your humanity? And why does it seem when people DO break, they may end up just as monstrous as those we hunt?


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          Dear CAESER,
          It seems to you have had your share of familiarity about the dvysk vm darkness for asking such an advanced question. From what I could have gathered in my research about the cosmos, the Nemesis Continum represents the way that the W!11 0f het Aby$$ interacts with the material world, through the dreams of what certain cultists call as the DREAMERS. Those godlike entities are minor representations of the original W!11, as it was overide by the GATE OF BABYLON. The Abyss functionally works on two seperate levels- the outer Abyss and the inner Abyss. Most of the day to day manifestation of the Abyss are correlated to its OUTER SHELL, such as paradoxes and quiescence, and are the result of the GATES OF BABYLONS ARE SHUT nvk pz klhk, which in turn defines the laws of the natural world. It is the GATES OF BABYLON ARE SHUT which seperates the high from the low, and defines the laws of our reality due to the GATES OF BABYLON ARE SHUT blocking the Supernal light from reaching to the "fallen reality". In a way, the Outer Shell is our reality, from the true reality is in fact defined by the GATES OF BABYLON ARE SHUT.

          However, the inner Abyss, or the true Abyss, is another subject entierly. The true Abyss exists from outside of normal reality, and as such is not a subject from the Unified Constant, yet in order to manifest within our reality it must interact with it. The NC is in fact not a single strain of aberrant laws of physics, but a dream of the mhjlslzz hunlsz​ which takes root within our reality. The true W111 of het ABYSS exists outside of our universe, and as such it could offer countless possibilities unbound by the Unified Constant. However, its manifestations and their dreams are formed within the reaches of the most basic of laws, and such are derived from the interaction between the Darkness and the W!11. For that reason, the Abyss is allowed to offer alternatives to the reality of our existence, only if they would increase the overall entropy of our universe. Even if the NC seems to "help" certain infected individuals, it is only done in order to disrupt their lives later in time, destroy the lives of those arround them, or both. And eventually, as the DREAMERS ARE AWAKENING WE SEE AND WE FORGET and the infected becomes closer and closer to the center of the Abyss, they are eventually doomed to be consumed by the Void, for it defys every form and despise all existence kpcpklk if glyv.

          As for Pyros, it is related to my earlier conclusion- for while the darkness despises us all and wish for our suffering, in order to maintain our existence it must offer us one thing- hope. Hope is integral to the process of the darkness, for the lose of hope enhance our pain and makes us to endure against all chances. Pyros, as the plasma which surrounds the GATES OF BABYLON ARE SHUT, offer us hope- and in order for hope to be maintained, it must be achievable. As a part of the great compromise between the universal constants, hope mist be offered and must be possible, yet its very existence is despised by the powers of the darkness. Pyros, as being the closest for the NO MORE NO MORE FOR I WISH TO SLEEP THE LIGHT IS TOO BRIGHT, both must exist and is rejected by the system, causing it to slowly degrade the reality of suffering we live in. Yet even hope itself can degrade, for this, too, is part of the compromise. The Jovian, the Ashen Shadow of Flux, is the negative of Pyros, and dictates that even that force is subject to the Unified Law.

          Dear CMUCP GDCIC RL,

          I am well familiar with the so called HACVR OEQKF. While encountering one of the infrstructures defined by the Machine could be a shocking experience, things are mor complex than they may be seen in first glance- for the Machine does not "hack" our laws of physics, it DEFINES them. The Machine is the engine which translates the will of GATE OF BABYLON through the THREADS OF THE OUTER SHELL into the day to day reality. Or, at least, this is what it is now. Originally, there was another, older qgxfd nzvra rphmj l which was created from the fabric of the world by the universal constants themselves, and embodyments of reality as defined. Yet then the izuog oeqzm efw discovered the Unified Constant and believed they could defy it, and as such built their own engine which was meant to enlighten our existence. Yet their plans were doomed to failue, and the HACVR QUEKF was remained none operational, yet it was still driven towards achieving the goal that the izuog oeqzm efw wished to achieve. With their fall, they invoked terrible curses upon reality, causing a terrible TAPNR RUCK which spread like wildfire within the ruins of the older qgxfd nzvra rphmj l, and which still plague its successor until this vary day.

          As for the existence of other realities- each of this realms of existence represents another set of physical laws, which has its own mechanism and is governed by its own physical constant (or "god"). It would be as if thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, genral relativity, special realitivity and electromagnetism would each have their own seperate universe, which operate by following different set of laws. While each of those realities is distinct, they are all derived from the same basic set of laws, for they are all unified under the Constant of All. Our reality is formed in the exact conditions in which all of those mechanisms come into agreement and coexist with one another, and as such all of them are needed to be taken into account, and as such the effect of the Unified Constant is the most profound.

          Dear Primordial Newcomer,

          Order and discipline are required if one wish to survive in this field of study. Now, while I appreciate your compliments, I must admit that there are times when I wonder whether or not I am indeed sane, or that I have already lost my grip on reality. Taking that into account, the main factor which seems to help me - and others like me - to maintain our sanity is the act called as the "Vigil". Assuming that I am indeed sane, it is the act of the mortal soul being pushed to the brink by the darkness and taking a vow to fight it with all of its power is what allows those which should have been broken to keep waking up, day aftar day. Sure, it is indeed becomes harder with every passing day, but sometimes it feels like that driving force is almost external to me- and there is a reason why I postulated this "Vigil" as one of the universal constants, any many among the scholars of the Vigil claim it to spread almsot like a virus. Keeping true to one's own Vigil helps the mortal soul to survive through the darkness, putting this constant among the "constants of hope", which I've detailed earlier in this message.

          I hope that I have managed to answer your questions. Please, keep researching the darkness- but stay safe, and be sure to encrypt your messages correctly, as we do not wish to draw any unwanted attention.

          [OOC- I have no rigid rules about including or not including fan material in this thread, so if you want to include it feel free to ask about it, or even present your own thoughts/answers for other people's questions. I'll try to post here on a weekly basis, more or less, depending on the activity here]

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          "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

          I now blog in here