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  • Silver Springs: A Storyteller's Toolbox

    Available today on Storyteller's Vault - Silver Springs, a complete collection of locations, characters, and story hooks for a completely modular setting. This book includes interest areas for all major gamelines currently allowed to be published on SV. "Welcome to Silver Springs! How wonderful to have you join us.
    We're positive that you're going to enjoy your time here. Our natural springs are sure to entice, but do make sure not to soil the water. Things may become particularly... unpleasant. We encourage the outdoorsy to explore the several hiking trails in the nearby parks and forests. We also encourage hikes that can be completed in a day - we do not recommend setting up camp along any of these trails.
    Here are the numbers to all of our public service offices, and please don't hesitate to call for any reason other than the smell of rotten eggs. We are aware of the issue, but there is nothing to be done about it. But don't worry about any of that now - you get settled in, and we can talk more when you have questions.
    We're going to enjoy having you."
    Included in Silver Springs:
    • New NPCs, locations of interest, and storyhooks
    • Stats for every included NPC, notable location, and M/mystery for easy implementation during storytelling
    • Extensive insight into what each gameline is currently facing in the city of Silver Spring
    New content for Beast: the Primordial, Changeling: the Lost, Demon: the Descent, Mage: the Awakening, Promethean: the Created, Vampire: the Requiem, and Werewolf: the Forsaken
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    I think maybe adding a bit more information to the preview could be interesting. What are the themes of the supplement, what is the mood ? What can each gameline expect to find? In which way is it modular ? Will each one encounter a different facet or unconnected ones ? Are the games made with crossover in mind ? Are they more investigative, political or combat focused ? Are they made for newly minted, experienced or well seasoned characters ? For example, your preview could be about a slasher camp, an evil corporation, ancient cult, forgotten supernatural location or perhaps all of the above.

    The opening text does make me curious, but I wish I knew a bit more what kind of campaign it could help me build.
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      Originally posted by KaiserAfini View Post
      I think maybe adding a bit more information to the preview could be interesting...

      The opening text does make me curious, but I wish I knew a bit more what kind of campaign it could help me build.
      Done! Thank you for the suggestion.


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        I went ahead and bought it, if for no other reason than i like supporting this community. I'll read through it tomorrow and come back with an honest assessment for everyone.

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          Ok so, the first thing I'm going to say is that the summary, while accurate, doesn't emphasize the scope of this work. It's 160+ pages of worldbuilding centered around the suburb town of Silver Springs.

          The biggest section at the front of the book is about 40 pages, divided into three subsections: about 28 pages of "places of interest," 6 pages of statted characters, and 6 more of "Urban Legends," which have about a page each of background, description, story hooks, and stats.

          Following the core section are seven other sections, each about 10-15 pages in length, corresponding to each of Beast, Changeling, Demon, Mage, Promethean, Vampire, and Werewolf. Each of these sections has an overview of the major y-splats in the area followed by several pages of statted characters that comprise the local "power structure." The changeling section also includes relevant court contracts. The werewolf section includes the local spirit ecology.

          Overall it's clear a lot of work went into this book. I checked the big three sections out and I'm impressed with the thought that went into it, and the quality of the writing. While I don't think I would implement this wholesale, I'd definitely like to lift pieces of it for my own table (which is the design of the book). I can see it being an especially helpful starting point if you're a new ST to a particular splat.

          Overall my biggest gripe is actually the formatting. The table of contents is split up section by section instead of at the start of the book, which sort of defeats the purpose imo. There's also no hyperlinking so if you read on an ereader like me you'll have to punch in page numbers (which makes it annoying not having a conventional toc!).

          With the caveat that I've only skimmed through the main section and the Big 3 others, I'm happy to have paid $8 for it. I'll update this thread with further thoughts as I read through it.

          My ideas are bad and I should feel bad.