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Legal consequences of writing a commercial fanfiction of a fan line G:tT.?

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  • Legal consequences of writing a commercial fanfiction of a fan line G:tT.?

    As on the topic title, I'm planning to write a fanfiction based on the G:tT 2e. It will be posted on the Korean webnovel site, and it is possible I could make some money out of it.
    (By subscription, hits and kudos, or by wildest chance, official release.)
    What is the onyx path's policy on the copyright, creative use, and commercial usage in another country? Is there a previous example of commercial fanfiction?
    I have contacted Moochava, the original creator of Genius 1e. What happens if I include some crossovers from another CofD settings?

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    Have you tried contacting them by email ? This most likely falls into an operational question

    I also believe that the sporadic approach of chapter publishing that is common to the long style web novels might not synergize well with their preferred iterative approach. After all, stories must not only adhere to the style guidelines , but also be reviewed before publishing is approved. Unless you are going for short stories, it may not be what you are looking for.

    Although I am only speculating based on publicly available data. Ultimately, I think sending them an email is your best bet.
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      It's probably safer to play to the rule of thumb for fanfiction: don't make money on it if you don't wanna get in trouble.

      If you wanna write fanfic in such a way you get money for it (I have no idea if the Storyteller's Vault allows for short fiction or not), Genius the Transgression basically won't be allowed to factor into it, and for the long term benefit of Genius, the less cause you give Paradox to pay attention to Genius, the better.

      Also, because it had better exist in the creative commons, You do not need Moochava's permissiony
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        Since OP's talking about a different site and not STV, the fanfic can only contain content derived only from Genius and not from any official CofD products (though minor/generic references to other supernaturals and such should be fine) as long as you don't have explicit permission from Paradox (the owners of the CofD IPs) that you may use their IPs in this way. I really doubt they'd allow anything commercial on a scale larger than selling prints on a con and such.

        But that's assuming you actually have the right from the IP holder(s) of Genius: The Transgression and its elements to use them commercially. Community based fan projects are often a nightmare when it comes to such matters because there's almost never any explicit agreements regarding who holds the rights to the separate elements developed and included in the project by different people. I wouldn't even trust the creator's own sayings on the matter unless GtT material falls under a specific license like GPL or CC, and then you need to research what that license allows you to do.

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