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    This is a thread focused on rumors for the CofD setting in general.


    The Daeva Clan created Deva Corporation. For what purposes you may ask? No one knows, but if the reason was discovered, well whoever did that & played their cards right could find themselves with a lot of power.

    Donald Trump & Boris Johnson are the same person in two bodies. He's recently started looking into making a third body, to become ruler of yet a third country.

    There is actually a demon by the name of Belial, a high-ranked servant of the Devil himself. He carved up his essence, spreading it among a hundred thousand kindred. He still exists in the Blood to this day. Whenever a kindred descends into one of Belial's Brood, they become an earthly servant of the Inferno.

    High up, in the Heavens, past the Supernal Realms sit 333 thrones. Some are occupied, some aren't. When all are occupied the world will be destroyed & remade by those that rose to the thrones.